gotta love books on sale

Not really a happening Saturday. Gee... I think I'm getting old. I went to buy a few books for the baby. They say it's a great time for us to start reading to him for his brain development. I got some children books on sale. Didn't realized that children books are super expensive! So yeah, I just got the ones on sale. Am I a cheapskate mum?!? Hahaha.

Then off to meet up with the ever lovable & hyper Mich Dulce for my Preview Best Dressed Ball dress. I cannot wait to see the dress! It's going to be short and poofy! Whee! Something fun! 'Coz you know, fashion is fun! Mich invited me to have  dinner at Cecile (a.ka. Chuvaness). I'm glad I went coz the chicken rice was ultra yummy!!! And great company too! :)

Zara white floral printed blazer
Giordano Ladies red knitted top
black maternity shorts
Schu two-tone loafers
Longchamp Le Pliage Rosalie tote

1 said something:

  1. LLOYDA! i missed you. glad you´re back!
    love your loafers. I WANT!

    xoxo Mode Junkie



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