a little hint of red

At the moment I am quite obsessed with accessories especially headgear like hats & headbands. Since can't wear my heels and other clothes I might as well put some oomph to my outfits thru accessories. I've yet to learn the art of accessorizing thru jewelry though. I envy those people who are great in accessorizing and also layering. I swear I never seem to create the look I want whenever I do. But then it's a process... and someday I will learn how to do it too. ;)

H&M black jumpsuit
Aldo wedge
random bangles
red felt bowler hat

7 said something:

  1. I love this outfit! The bowler hat is love and your wedges look really comfy.

  2. aaah!! i need that jumpsuit.. it looks so comfy and effortlessly chic! :D

    Animated Confessions

  3. That little hat is adorable! Did you get it from SM department store? I was so amazed to see their little felt hat collection there.

    Those sort of hats don't look right on me though :(

  4. Wedges look so adorable :)


  5. I love how the red hat pops from the all black outfit :)

    <3 Christine

  6. The red hat is soo adorable, this is so cute



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