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I met and interviewed my baby's soon to be nanny this morning. I'm happy that we found one already. That's one crucial thing that I think I really going to need. I don't think I'll survive without one! Is it very much Charlotte (from SATC) like eh? I remember the part where she told Miranda that she just can't lose the nanny! Come to think of it. I need to start buying the things the baby will need. We haven't even got a crib yet! Eeeep!

Anyhoo... I really miss wearing my platform shoes. I really do! These pair are just so rad! I'm in love with them! Aren't they spectacular? Just thinking of adding a few oomph to my simple outfit with a captain's hat & platform boots.

gifted black captain's hat
gifted black printed tunic tee
Giordano grey trousers
Virtual Mae black platform wedge peep toe booties

3 said something:

  1. awesome!!! i love that tunic on you!! and with those platforms, this becomes such an edgy look!!! love it!

    Animated Confessions

  2. oh yes, the boots are awesome! can you still walk in them?

    do send me some love over at

  3. YES THE BOOTS ARE AWESOME LLOYDA! ;) and lucky you for having the luxury of having a nanny. i wish i could have one here. ;)
    and yes, get ready for the big day before you still can. i can remember panicking the last minute when my bump was bigger than me. NOT FUN! lol

    xoxo Mode Junkie



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