yey for forever 21!

I am a huge fan of Forever21. Cheap trendy fashion at it's best! Great trendy stuff at super affordable prices. I'm always ordering stuff from them. Well mostly shoes though. I have tons of Forever21 shoes! Oh and their accessories are super fab! I went crazy when I went to F21 Japan! 

So, I cannot wait for the opening this Friday. I'm super excited!!! I know almost all the famous local bloggers have been invited for a sneak peek already. Oh how I'm so envious of them! Heh! But then again I guess I'll just need to be patient, wait and brave the crowd to check out the store this Friday! Good luck to me! :)

3 said something:

  1. sasabay ka sa madaming tao? parang gusto ko rin. hahaha. i plan to go a few days after but... im tempted to brave the crowd as well. haha

  2. Melai: Yeah, I'm super curious to what they will be selling eh. Since I will be going to MegaMall din naman this Friday might as well drop by narin to check it out. :)

  3. Yes! I'm so so excited too :)



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