3D4D, who do you look like?

Had our 4D ultrasound this afternoon to see who the little boy looks like... and tada! The doctor said he looks like his daddy! I was looking at the printout and can't even figure out who baby looks like but oh well. We shall just see in a month time eh?

So it's harder for me to dress up now as the tummy is definitely bigger. I'm on my 8th month now so yeah the doctor said that it will definitely grow bigger still! Eeeep! I'm glad that I didn't gain so much weight from this pregnancy. Also, I'm trying to steer away from loose dresses 'coz they make me look hideously huge! Hahaha. I'm back to my black & white fail safe outfit. It's easier to dress up with just black & white. One can never go wrong you know? ;)
Alexane black & white stripes blazer
Street Beat animal print tunic
black peplum skirt
Dolce Vita flat sandals
Giordano black tote
>> Don't mind the plaster on my leg! I keep getting cuts these days. Like a new one every day! 

Just a few more followers needed and I will do my very first give-away! I'm thinking of waiting until I have 100 followers then I will do a blog giveaway! :)

15 said something:

  1. you're such a fashionable mommy! love this outfit :)

  2. i really love that jacket. and the wonders of black...you don't look preggy at all in this outfit!

  3. lovin the sandals... and the blazer.

  4. As usual, you are one of my faves and I'm loving what you're wearing AGAIN and AGAIN! I love the stripes and print combo. Yes, you look waaaay slimmer here like not pregnant. Love your previous outfit too loyda :) Love the vest :)

  5. You look great!! I wouldn't even know you were pregnant! (Congrats by the way since this is my first comment here :) )

  6. very cute blazer - and naawww ultrasound must be so exciting!
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx
    (don't forget to enter the giveaway while you're there!)

  7. In this outfit, I can't even tell you have a baby bump. Whoa!

    Anyway the ultrasound sounds ultra (see my play on words there?) exciting! I wonder if the doctor could really tell what he looked like. :)

    B from A plus B

  8. im loving how the stripes go from the blazer and also the sandals!! cool! :D

  9. 3 more followers!=) since I can't join my giveaway, i'll join yours!=)

  10. good to see you back! gosh, i don't see a bump here. you look great as usual! love the mix of patterns in this ensemble. and those Dolce flats looks nice and comfy -perfect for you!

    will add you to my links :)

  11. i love your stiped blazer and gladiator sandals!


  12. i know. It's getting harder, but i prefer my bump to balloon already to avoid that bloated look.

    must say i go to you whenever am going nuts what to wear everyday. Am learning to dress my body now, i know it's gonna change more for the next weeks and it can be very challenging also with the footwear. hihihi.

    ako hindi ako bibili ng maternity top. id look so big for sure. Better to show those curves than hide it.

    you look good.

    btw check out this one momma. You just can't tell she's 8 months pregnant... amazing.


    and you're on my links too.

  13. One more follower to go! Cant wait! You are the most fashionable preggy mom-to-be ever! I want to be just like you if.... oh gosh, this is so embarrassing but I really love your style!

  14. you're having a baby, how exciting. those ultrasounds are great, my little boy really looked like his ultrasound shots ;-) good luck to you!

  15. you are so pretty lloyda dear! cute blazer and print mix!




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