big bow day

A very sad Lloyda I am. I was blog hopping awhile ago and saw that the floral lace-up boots I want from Forever21 is available in Mega Mall already from Kira's blog post. So yeah I went there after work to check if they still have them. Lo & behold... they are all sold out!!! Waaaah! The shopping gods are not with me today. :(

Forever21 have a lot of new stuff out though. I think they release new stuff almost every week so it's nice to go visit them ever so often to check out their new stuff. The lines to the dressing room is still quite long but manageable and there are no lines at the cashiers! Imagine that! I reckon going on a weekday is totally a lot better than going on a weekend when there are a whole lot more people shopping. Heh!

On another note. Don't you think my huge bow headband is the cutest?!? Just a funny thought... what would you do if there's a person wearing this huge headband in front of you in a cinema?

purple tank
black jumpsuit
gingham booties
Forever21 big bow headband
random bracelets
Forever21 cheetah connector ring

14 said something:

  1. are they selling those in f21? the headband? how come I didn't see it!=) and your random question made me laugh. wahehee.

  2. i sooooo love the big bow! so cute and those shooooes! love this!


  3. aahh you pull off that big bow headband oh so adorably!! :D oh and yeah, forever21 does have new stocks all the time!! i love that about them! :D

    Animated Confessions

  4. SUPER CUTE HEADBAND!!! :) I want one too! Haha. Although I doubt I'll ever get to wear it out. Hah. Or maybe I'll wear it to the movies and annoy people! :P

    <3 Christine

  5. omg. anung sinabi ng LV bunny ears!!!?? i love this babe!
    parang TAVI LANG na nakaharang nung fashion week pero ang ganda i like it.. heehe.

  6. what lace booties? the all-black one or the taupe one with the black lace? oh wow, i've been following them in their site...and just waiting for an opportunity to have a friend from the US come home...hehe. as always, you are such a chic pregger...lovin' those plaid brogues!

    ps. if someone with that headband is sitting in front of me in the cinema, i'd totally ask them to take it off.haha! nicely naman...

    ps2. i'm putting you on my blog roll too!

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  7. Awesome shoes and amazing bow! I just arrived in Manila but Im still debating whether or not its worth a trip to F21.

  8. Oh you look adorable. I love the headband and the shoes is so cute. :)

  9. That bow is the cutest!


  10. Love the big bow Lloyda! :) Siguro ma distract ako at first but what the heckk.. fashion is fashion.. =)

  11. That bow headband is sooo adorable! :)

  12. My 5 year old daughter loves that headband! She kept insisting me to buy one for her. I didn't though coz it keeps falling off on her head. She enjoyed the accessories part of F21 so much and she's asking me when we will go back again to buy that headband. :p

  13. Gasp! you're so cute with that big bow :D Im sad you didn't get the floral lace up boots. I haven't gone back to F21 since I blogged about it. How are the new collections? :)



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