day one of p'noy

holiday for the inauguration of our new president. spent the whole day lounging around the house and online window shopping for drool worthy stuff. hahaha. my mum gave me this dress this morning decided to wear it when we went out to have dinner. yeah i'm, pretty much limited to what i can wear now. mum gave me a whole bunch of her old high waist skinny leg trousers but alas i still can't fit into them. so sad eh. i've got bunch of outfits planned out but i still can't wear them coz of my tummy. i know i shouldn't be complaining 'coz having a baby growing inside is a huge blessing but it's just hard to dress around the baby bump you know? especially when you don't have clothes that fit you anymore. 

Zara peach cardigan
floral pink maxi dress
Cole Haan purple tote
Tory Burch pink platform sandals

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  1. you look so summery and pretty!! :D i love the colors in this outfit! :D

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