forever 21

Guess where I went today? 
I went to the opening of Forever 21 today with Mich.

So cute their VM for the store right? :) 

Here's my loot:
polka dot tank

lace cropped cardigan

silver oversized bow ring

tiger ring

pink bow ring

rabbit head ring

Saw a whole lot more cute stuff but unfortunately I can't fit into them at the moment! Hahaha. Oh, they got cute heels too! I was suppose to buy a pair but decided not to. I'm thinking I will just buy next time after I give birth. I swear this shop will be one of my fave shop from now on.

Forever 21 will officially open tomorrow! Ready your wallets 'coz you'll go crazy! A lot of great & cool stuff to be found!!!

9 said something:

  1. I wanted that tiger ring! I forgot to get it :) I hope it will still be there when I go back

  2. I can't wait for tomorrow! This made me excited (again)! Dammit! I got no money! I want them rings :))

  3. Amazing loots!:) How much is the lace jacket? I want one!:)

  4. I love all your picks especially the rings!!! How much are those?

  5. I love everything! :) Too bad I can't go there until tomorrow. :|

    <3 Christine

  6. i love F21, that's my favorite store in dubai..where can i find an f21 store in manila?

  7. The pink bow ring is pretty and its so cute.



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