help needed #1

I'm searching for a black tube maxi dress. Can anyone point me to the right direction? :)

No outfit post yet... too early for me to take pictures! Hahahaha.

4 said something:

  1. I know this is called plugging. Haha. But just in case you want something from my Korean supplier, there are quite a few from my shop - asian fashion section.

    Black tube maxis samples (links)
    1. CO3780
    2. CO4295
    3. CO4305
    4. 22926
    For more choices, here's the album

    If you have questions, you can PM me sa multiply and I could double check sizes and availability. :)

  2. You could check out the tube dresses at Collezione, too.

  3. Hey Lloyda :)
    You might want to check this one out.
    Send me a PM if ever :)

  4. Forever 21 has one! There are actually a ton of plain maxi dresses there (I want to get one in every color and style!) but they are waaay too long for me. Boo. They're super cheap though so that might be reason enough for me. :p



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