i'm so 80's

Looking at my outfit today it looks like it's straight out from the 80's! Hahaha. I blame the acid washed jeggings! I know for some people jeggings (especially an acid washed pair) are ugly but for me they are wonderful! I love them! Perfect fit all the time, you can eat buffet and they will still fit you and they tuck into boots perfectly!

I saw a couple of wonderful jeggings in Forever21 when I went there but didn't buy 'coz I'm not sure if I would fit into them and I'm also too lazy to line-up at the long dressing room queue. :p

Giordano Ladies indigo puffed sleeves jacket
Giordano funnel neck black tunic
acid washed jeggings
black combat boots

Just wanna say: Why are shoes just so damn pretty? I'm so obsessed with them! Gah! 

5 said something:

  1. oh noo who said acid washed leggings are ugly?! i love them!! haha and wow you're the cutest preggy i've ever seen!!

  2. I love your jeggings! I know a lot of people hate them but I love them... well at least those that really look like jeans but are really comfy! I really love your acid washed pair!!! :)

    <3 Christine

  3. you're so cool and you're rocking those jeggings like no other! :D

    Animated Confessions

  4. love your pants so much. you're one cool mom!

    and congratulations on being preview's best dressed!! you deserve it!


  5. you're the coolest pregnant lady EVER. love the "jeggings" and the boots! Are those DM's??? And I haven't seen jeggings at F21! I must go back!:)



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