lazy sundays

Sundays are always lazy days. Went to hear Mass with my husband then got the little boy a few cute clothes from Zara & Gap. The sale items at Zara is almost depleted. I didn't see the pale pink blazer I want anymore. So sad. Oh well...

Decided to wear my jersey maxi dress I got from Forever21. I was pleasantly surprise to see this dress when I went there. I was eyeing this dress online but it was gone the following week! Imagine that! So yeah I guess the shopping gods were good to me that day. Hahaha.

Trunkshow floral vest
Forever21 grey jersey maxi dress
Giordano black tote
H&M lace up flat booties
white straw boater's hat

Jaffa is the cutest poodle ever! Love him!!!

9 said something:

  1. you're the most chica soon to be mom EVER. i love every piece you're wearing. And your pooch is sooo adorable!!!=) btw, where did you buy your boaters? I want!=)

  2. aaahh i've been wanting to get my hands on the pink blazer too!!! so sad it was one of the items that sold out so fast.. :(

    you're looking great in that vest!!

    Animated Confessions

  3. lets go ukay after you pop. haha. i'll tell nicole and karl. ^^ kelan ba due?

    i saw that dress too. i was telling karl i'd buy it if it had sleeves. haha. ^^

  4. wow! on our cebu fashion bloggers meet-up, we actually talked about still doing posts even when we're preggers..and you totally amazed me! i really love how blooming a pregnant woman jealous!

    ps. lovin' the floral vest...and your bag!
    i'm following you local fashion lovers! (hope you could follow back..hehe)

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  5. i looove the outfit, lloyda! you look good in that jersey maxi. i have the same TS vest too! and oh, i was finally able to go to F21 yesterday! didn't buy much. actually, i shouldn't have bought anything...but i can't resist it! haha.

  6. i love your dress! that's just the kind of maxi dress i've been looking for! i don't like the ones that have too much going on w/ the patterns. i hope they still have those at F21!


    boat ride through the sky

  7. I love the vest and the hat! Searching for the perfect boater hat. :D

  8. i love the hat! been looking for one!

    btw, spotted you in preview mag! :D i feel honored naman to be added in your list when i should be doing an entry about you.. hehe. inspiring! ;)

  9. you are a very fashionable pregnant woman. hurray to you! ;) like the others, the vest is to die for! i love it..



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