michael jackson inspired

YRYS white blazer
Envy lace cropped top
H&M black jumpsuit
Forever21 glitter oxfords

6 said something:

  1. so fabulous!!! now i want to go to Envy. Love that store:)

  2. I love how stylish you are even if you're pregnant! This outfit is so nice! I love your lace top! :)

    Oh and your Preview ball gown is stunning! You're too cute! :)

    <3 Christine

  3. Lloyda, thanks for chronicling the pieces you wear. ive always followed your posts over style diary pa.. you've influenced me so much and i couldnt be thankful na ikaw napili ko to "stalk" fashion-wise. it's a wise move really coz the people around me noticed how my style improved. how much it brought out the real me :)

    thanks lloyda! im betting the kid inside you's building a runway na rin inside your tummy.

  4. thanks for the super nice comments girls! weird some of the comments are missing... blogger must have ate them up.



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