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I am still sick. It's no fun at all. I'm not allowed to drink any medicine as it might harm the baby. So all I am drinking is water (loads of it), fresh orange juice and lots of rest, rest rest.

I've been itching to go thrift shopping lately. I don't know why but I really really really wanna go. It's been awhile since I've last gone thrifting. Though I seriously doubt that I could 'coz of my present state. I'm sure  it's going to be really hard for me as thrift shops here in the city are really hot and dusty! Heh! Maybe I could go after I give birth. Well the thing here is I really just wanna go shopping. I tried on shoes awhile ago but nothing seems to look good with my chunky bloated ankles. Gah! It's so hard to go shopping for anything when you feel bloated. :p

I recently discovered this dress in my old clothes pile that I stuffed in the attic. Decided to pair it with my oversize BF vest and floral fedora. I remembered that I have a  pair of pink & black spectators and it's a perfect match with the dress don't you think? Toning down the girly-ness of the dress with "manly" pieces.

Primark floral navy fedora
Uniqlo black oversized BF vest
jersey tiered dress
black sheer socks
Aldo pink & black spectator shoes
random accessories

love love love!

14 said something:

  1. love your collection of spectator shoes babe! and yes it´s a perfect match to this dress!


  2. Wow, Lloyda! You never fail to amaze me with your ensembles :) Always have been a fan :)


  3. aaahh i breezed through your past posts, & i love every one of your outfits! you exude so much adorableness & gorgeousness! following you on Bloglovin' as we speak. :3

    also, i saw the one of your shoe collection, & man, i thought i already had a lot! so jealous right now. can i please have just one layer of one of your cabinets? are you a size 8? haha, just kidding!


    boat ride through the sky

  4. i love the floral fedora and your shoes!!:) and i have to agree with thrift shopping! ;) <3

  5. Wow! I love your shoes! And you look adobrable! <3 <3

  6. Lloyda, I'm loving you more and more. Like Gela, I love each and every outfit that I've seen from you. Though I browsed your past posts, I haven't seen everything. But I know I'll love those as well. You are soo cute. I'll make you as my peg when I dress up pag buntis na ko. Haha. No wonder your preview's best dressed :)

    Melai and Style and Soul

  7. so chica Lloyda!!! love the pinks! where did you get the oxfords? it's pretty!:)

  8. so so adorable!! love the pink and black oxfords!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  9. hey gorgeous! i super love the shoes ha. and it matches well with the dress. gandara lang!

    yeah. lets gow ukay!

  10. hey lloyda. i have een visiting your site for some time now and i enjoy all your ensembles. i particularly love this one because i love pink. hahaha!

  11. Aww I hope you get well soon
    Those shoes are lovellly

  12. OMG! Those pink and black Oxfords are everything I have ever dreamed of! Oh, pretty, pretty pair! How I love thee!



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