preview best dressed ball 2010

Here's what I wore to the Preview Ball. I totally love what Mich created for me. I don't look pregnant at all! Hahaha. It's so cute and poofy! I'm super happy that my girls came to support me and my dear husband too. He's my photographer for the night though I don't think he did such a great job though. Hahaha.

Maroon fascinator by Mich Dulce
Grey dress by Mich Dulce
black tights
Office black platform lace-up oxfords
Judith Leiber jewel encrusted bag

My lovely girls/cheering squad: Kristine, Sarah, Mariel (not in pic: Inin)
Thanks girls for coming!

with Daryl Chang (I super love love her style!)

with the cutest girl ever! Garovs!
Too bad I wasn't able to take a picture with Rosanna & Mich though. :(

Me posing by my portrait

Serious much? Hahaha

My page in Preview July 2010

Oh and I super love my Revlon lipstick loot!!! 18 colours! How cool is that?

Thanks to Preview & Style Bible for choosing me to be part of the Best Dressed list this year! :)

16 said something:

  1. i looooove your dress!!!! props to Mich Dulce for creating this wonderful piece. I can see the MCQ inspiration here. Just replace the grey floral material with tartan and it's so MCQ already. wish i can see the details of your shoes though. Anyhoo, congrats again Lloyda! i wont wait na for Summit to send the magazines to our office. I'll buy na kaagad. haha!

  2. OMG Lloyda I'm sooo happy for you! You deserve it. When I discovered your blog, I kept on looking to your previous outfit posts. I followed you because I really like the way you dress up :)

    You are such a beauty-sweetheart here. You are stunning. Yey for Mich's dress. Ang gandaaaa lang kei. Ang ganda mo rin! :)

  3. aaahh you are too cute and chic for words!! the dress is stunning on you!! :D it's so playful and very you! :D

    that loot is making me so jealous!!! 18 lip shades!!! love it! :D

    Animated Confessions

  4. Wow love your blog and really cute dress!


  5. Hello! I've been reading your blog since your livejournal days and I'm so glad I found your blog again! Congrats for being a part of the Best Dressed!! :) and can I just say that the Revlon loot is INSANE!! :)


  6. Mich did an amazing job! You really don't look pregnant! I like the fascinator and the tights + oxfords combo too. : ) Your dress totally stands out, Lloyda. In a good way, of course.

    Congratulations on getting chosen and on your very enviable loot! Hope to see all those colors on you in the future. Haha!

    B from A plus B

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! I just want to say that yours is my favorite dress out of all in the list. :)

    Also, crazy Revlon loot you got there! Those lippies are made of <3 here's my review on them:

    Congrats on making the list and i can't wait to see more awesome outits from you!

  8. hey gorgeous! congrats on the preview list! you totally deserved it. i first noticed you in chictopia with your crazy beautiful wedding gown. naloka ako ng slight. hahaha.

    yes, i was with karl and nicole. ^^

    you look amazing!

  9. Lloyda, pls send me a copy of the mag!!!! I'm so proud of you!!! I showed the hubby this blog and said, see? that's my student! and when we have a girl that's the kind i want! the hubby replied, "no way! too cute and i might have to declare bankrupt on the dot! hahaha" ^,^

  10. You look so beautiful and that dress is beyond stunning!!! I think it's perfect for you- it hides your baby bump so well and when I see that dress- I'll automatically think "that's Lloyda's!" Totally love your style and penchant for Japan, I'm so happy for your success!

  11. It's scary I somewhat resemble you when I wear my bangs down. I look at some of your photos and I sometimes wonder if I'm looking at myself! Lol.

  12. congratulations!

  13. i've always loved ur outfits and style in chictopia! glad u visited my blog and now i can follow you too! i envy you...wish i was in the preview ball too! that's one lovely dress babe! your rocking it! xx

  14. I have a super crush on what you're wearing:-)

  15. congratulations!!:) you look gorgeous!:)



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