sick & bored on a friday night

Since I'm home alone, sick and bored here. I've decided to copy Paxie and post about how and where I store my beloved shoes. Hahaha. When we were designing our room. I told the interior decorator about my shoes and that I really need ample space for them. So hence my shoe cabinet on one side of the room. I got rid of my shoe boxes as they only take up space. The shelves can be pulled out so I can get the shoes on the 2nd row.

Looks familiar right?
It's because my shoe cabinet serves as my background for my outfit photos sometimes.

1st cabinet is where I keep my lace-ups (oxfords/brogues/jazz shoes). I know they are kinda all jumbled up as I am running out of space for all of them. Hahaha.

My heels cabinet. I really miss wearing these. Soon my babies, soon!

My high heeled lace-ups/oxfords and wedge shoe cabinet.

My boots & booties shoe cabinet... though there are some heels scattered here and there .
Can you see my wedding shoes? They're the white with blue heels.

Looking at my shoes now I really do think I need to buy shoes in other colours. Ah! I wanna go shoe shopping right now!!!

I hope you like my little post. I will share my clothes closet someday after I finish organizing it. As of right now it's still super messy. :)

25 said something:

  1. drool!!!!! i love this post!! are we the same size?! gosh, if i can have as many of your shoes, i'll be a happy kid! hahaha!

    Animated Confessions

  2. OMG. These (for me) are sooooo many already! Now I'm kinda shy to show a shoe collection. Hahaha. I only have... about.... around 20 pairs? and at that rate I'm already problematic about where to keep them.

    Seeing these... oh my!!!! I feel like you have almost everything!!! ^__^

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. omg! you have loads of shoes!!! i thought i have too many already! and i'm still planning of weeding out the bad ones. the pink heels caught my eye!

  4. Wow - what a collection!!! You are lucky to have a purpose built space to keep them - ours are pretty much everywhere!
    Greetings from Ireland
    xoxo - take a look if you get a chance, we'd really love your feedback - follow if you like what you see!

  5. okay, now I wanna delete my shoe post. I feel unfortunate and so deprived after seeing this. I die!!!:) Looking on the bright side, now I could just show those who oppose my shoe obsession-- your post. And point out that my collection is not even half of what you own. Hee! A girl can't have too many shoes! I would love to raid you cabinet, my gawd. :D

  6. oh my, that's a lot! but i'd do everyhting to have as many. haha.

  7. eye candy!!! it's fun reading your blog! cheers!

    ~pie (

  8. what an amazing selection of shoes!! love, love them :)

    xoxo, cherie

  9. Hey Lloyda! i have that exact pair of brown wedge oxfords from H&M! How funny!

    Your shoe collection is freaking huge. I have to admire how you organize them though. Organized chaos, I would say.

    B from A plus B

  10. hi. My first time on your blog, boy was so happy to see you with a bump. am 4 months pregnant now and am looking at your style. I love every post. It's hard to dress up really but i think it's fun to experiment more on style.

    B was right, you are awesome.

  11. Wow!!! You've got an amazing shoe collection!!! I spotted your wedding shoes!!! It is so perfect for you!

  12. GREAT SHOE COLLECTION LLOYDA! love love love the shoe closets too. ;) wow, those are your wedding shoes? I LOVE IT!

    xoxo Mode Junkie

  13. YOU HAVE A LOT OF PRETTY SHOES! Omg I feel like going shoe shopping now. I feel so jealous! Haha!

    <3 Christine

  14. Wow! So many pairs of shoes you have! :)


  15. Wow all that awesome storage space! And you did a fine job filling it up too!


  16. OMG...that's your shoess?????

  17. GAWD! that's a lot! I'm sooo jealous!

  18. OMG
    I am showing my husband this post. He thinks I have too many shoes and does not understand that we need shoes. Its like air to breath!

  19. oh my gooolai! this is soooo neat! swap tayo ng place??? haha.

    with those stuff on your cabinet, you'd still want to get more pa? oooooh... you're a shoe freak lloyda! :D my fave shoe freak!

  20. Lloyda, can i borrow these pictures for my blog? :)

  21. oooh.. im jealous! you have lotsa shoes! =D

  22. I super love your shoes! oh how I wish I had a closet just like yours <3



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