sailor stripes ahoy!

Today's the first day of the Port88 sale at the Mega Tent but I wasn't able to go because Saturdays are usually the Tans family day. I hung out and have dinner with the husband's family during Saturdays. But I'll be there tomorrow to help out man the booth in the afternoon. I hope I'll get to meet some of you there!

white sailor hat
Timix gold watch
Giordano knitted white Breton top 
black drop crotch pants
Promod lace-up boots

14 said something:

  1. love the sailor hat~ and the boots as well~

  2. Cute outfit! I swear, you're the most stylish soon-to-be mom I know! :)

  3. aahh so so adorable!!! that hat is perfect! :D

    Animated Confessions

  4. The white sailor hat is so adorable! <3

  5. you are the cutest, i swear!! love how sexy & tough the whole look turned out w/ those boots.

    also, your dog!!! :3


    boat ride through the sky

  6. wow! having your babybump in heels! such a trooper , i love it!

  7. This outfit rocks, Lloyda! I love the sailor cap-it's so fun. :)

    B from A plus B

  8. whoa!I like your boots!so my type! >.<
    thanks for the comment anyway, now I'm following you! ;D

  9. Love em boots! Do they come in brown? :D

    sPam of

  10. awww love this Lloyda!:) that hat is so cute!:) and i love the last photo:)

  11. My goodness you're adorable! And I looked for you in your booth nga last Sat, I was so sad to see you weren't there!

  12. I love your boots! Want.

    And your dog is too cute!!



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