what a girl wants? clothes, shoes, bags & toys!!!

Wearing my pink cape from WAGW today. I like the stuff from that store they got really cute trendy stuff in affordable prices. I know my leggings you've seen before.

Oh I'm thinking of having a blog give-away. Though I haven't fully decided when. I'm thinking of giving away a jacket. What do you guys think?

WAGW pink cape
Giordano Ladies black sleevless tunic top
Primark floral leggings
Forever21 combat boots

In another note. The husband and I absolutely adore MindStyle toys! We have a  collection (albeit a small one) of their wonderful wonderful vinyl toys. My absolutely fave is the Two Faced Hazel by Kathie Olivas. We are still missing a couple from the 9" Two-Faced Hazel collection though. So we are on the look-out for that.

(insert witty caption here)

7 said something:

  1. Oooh! I definitely want an off white Giordano jacket :)

    Looking fab, as always :)

  2. you are so pretty dear! I love the glow you have and the peach tones in this outfdit and floral leggings are definitely a winner! gorgeous!

    also love the title! WHAT A GIRL WANTS INDEED!


  3. you collect those toys?! how insanely cute!!! :D

    and yes for a jacket giveaway! that would be superb! :D

    Animated Confessions

  4. OMG those toys are so cute!!!:) love the Godfather the most. Hehe. And yes, WAGW have great items! They're gonna be at the Port 88 bazaar too, I really hope I won't make tambay sa stall nila or I might spend all my money there. Hee!


  5. yes yes yes we want jacket. i love your boots. gonna visit f21 this friday. ooohhh can't wait, it's like a field trip each time i visit the city.

  6. The toys are such a cool collection for you and your husband! I like the godfather one best : 3

    B from A plus B

  7. Oooh! I definitely want an off white Giordano jacket :)

    Looking fab, as always :)



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