The Wish List: FIGHT! By Celine R. Lopez

My mum called me this afternoon and told me to check the newspaper as I'm in it. And true enough I'm there! Hahaha. The husband said that I have the simplest outfit in the whole group. What do you think? Is he right? 
The Wish List
FIGHT! By Celine R. Lopez (The Philippine Star) Updated July 02, 2010 12:00 AM
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Conrad Black created the list that inspired perfect hemlines and interesting color coordination. For the fashion elite being on his sacred best-dressed list didn’t only mean you were fashionable, but that you also stood out from the rest.
Preview’s best-dressed list is almost biblical for those who know the difference between brogues and spectators. This year it’s a mix of fresh faces and a classic superstar, Gretchen Barretto. Preview’s list always promises to be unexpected and a landmark beginning for the fashion flock.
GRETCHEN BARRETTO: “I dress according to how I feel. My style is always classic, always clean.”
GAROVS GAROVILLO: “My signature style consists of prints, loose and baggy fits, bright colors, mismatching — basically, I try to commit a fashion faux pas.”
KAYE TINGA: “I’m a stickler for fit. A good tailor is a woman’s best friend.”
INGRID HOLM: I love all things second-hand and vintage. It gives every outfit some soul.”
ANN JACOBE: “Shoes are the ultimate exclamation point to every outfit.”
LLOYDA LIM: “My style is always evolving — I don’t follow a particular trend or subscribe to a certain aesthetic; my mood usually dictates what I wear.”
AIVEE AGUILAR-TEO: “Style is an individual thing. Don’t dress to impress; it doesn’t bring out the best in you. Do it for yourself, not for other people.”
MARITA FE GANSE: “I don’t plan my outfits. When I overthink what to wear, the results tend to be a bit contrived.”
ROSANNA ARANAZ: “The Internet is a great source of inspiration. Seeing all the street-style shots and fashion blogs have pushed me to be more creative in my way of dressing.”
IVY KIRZHNER: “I learned early on that fashion is a state of mind, how you project your own individuality and keep yourself aglow.”

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  1. Wow!!! You're on Preview's Best Dressed List!!! That is so awesome! You deserved it!



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