grey matter

Just a something I wanna try. Trying out some of the trends for FW10: animal prints & greys!

animal print padded shoulder sheer blazer
grey jersey maxi dress
black braided belt
H&M long necklace
Havaianas silver sandals

Anyways, I'll start answering the questions you guys asked in my give-away post and as for the the fashion challenges I shall start doing that soon as well. So keep a look out for that! I love your fashion chalenges!

How do you actually stylize a hospital uniform (scrub suits)? Is it even possible? - herroyalbleakness
Now this is a hard question. I am not sure that one can stylize a scrub suit as being in a hospital I know your uniform must be clean and free from anything that would hinder your job right? I suggest accessories for your hair or cute earrings would be your best bet. :)

Where do you get your fashion inspiration? - Teeyah
I get my fashion inspirations from everywhere! Magazines, the internet, on TV, people around me. Sometimes I would just stare off and a fashion outfit idea would flash in my head!

When are you due? Is it a boy or a girl? :D - Gizelle Faye
I'm due to give birth on the 2nd of September. Due date is super near! I'm having a baby boy! :)

Have you decided what to name your baby? (: - Bestie
Our first choice is to name our baby: Aidan Eli but 2 of our other friends who are also having boys are naming their baby Aidan too... so we are thinking of naming him Ashton Eli now.

State what current fashion trend that you hate or loathe, and why. - Maureen Manuel
What are the current fashion trends? I am so out of the loop now. Hahaha. Kidding. I don't think I hate any. I love everything in fashion. The only thing I don't like for some reason is the cookie cutter fashionista thing. People have the tendency to look the same after awhile. You know like when the high waisted skirt became a trend/fashionable almost everyone began sporting it and thus it became so all over that just killed the trend for me.

How old are you? Or let me rephrase that, how young are you??:) - Paxie
Ah, I believe I'm one of the oldest of you lot here. I'm now 29 turning 30 next year! Eeeeeep!

Before I go let me share my new shoes!!! New addition to my lace-ups/oxfords collection! Aren't they so pretty? Charcoal grey, bone + a patent maroon pair. :D Wheeeeeee! Granted that I won't be able to wear them just yet. 
Giordano Ladies FW10 punch hole lace-up shoes


19 said something:

  1. im only 2 years younger than you.. and yeah i think most of the fashion bloggers are super young. 18-mid 20s. i feel so old and loshang when I see their age in their profiles

  2. i love your new oxfords! cant wait to see u rock em! and i love the maxi dress + blazer combo babe!


  3. i love the hints of pink in that blazer!!! so fab and feminine!! :D and those new oxfords are to die for!!! you should do a post merely dedicated to them.. like.. your first pair, your most worn, most memorable, least and most fave!! aaaaaahh!!! :D great collection!

    Animated Confessions

  4. Oooh! Love the new oxfords Lloyda! Where did you get them?

  5. ahhh you look younger that your age... :D
    and you have great style even though you're pregnant.. :)

  6. that blazer is just wicked! love it!xx

    followed you. :)

  7. ohhh i love your new shoes!!!!

  8. very cool! i love how you paired
    the blazer with the maxi dress.

    thanks so much for visiting my blog!
    you have great style and i look forward
    to reading your future posts.

    ♥ erica | SWEETS + HEARTS

  9. Nice oxfords! :D Where did you get them?

  10. take care of yourself my dear...

    love the grey dress plus the mix of the prints...

    one of the best dressed pregnant bloggers out there!!!!

    love the collection of oxfords as well...

    Take care darling

  11. Holy smokes those oxfords are all amazing!!!

  12. Nice work there with the printed blazer! Awesome new shoes too! <3

  13. Shoes!

    My heart just skipped a beat.

  14. I love the bone oxfords Lloyda! Must.Look.Away. (2 new pairs this month na eh, hubby will get mad! ) :P

  15. Hi! Love the bone/nude oxfords. Mind if I ask how much are they? Thank in advance. :)

    here's my email adress.

  16. Nice work there with the printed blazer! Awesome new shoes too! <3

  17. Oooh! Love the new oxfords Lloyda! Where did you get them?



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