how do you love food?

Went to my friends new restaurant last night and ate loads of yummy food! Would you believe I finished a whole plate of BBQ ribs with rice, some buffalo wings and nachos!?! Hahaha. I really do have a huge appetite even before I got pregnant. ;)

Ah, look at how swollen my feet & ankles are! I reckon they look like tree stumps! Pssssfffft, ! They say that it's quite normal especially during the third trimester.

khaki boyfriend blazer
grey animal print dress
Tory Burch burch pink wedge sandals


11 said something:

  1. it's ok since you're pregnant. eat healthy, always~

  2. ako din ang takaw ko na ngayun. anyway matakaw naman ako dati pa kaso on my 1st tri i was so miserable i can't down any food. But am glad on my 19th week nakakakain nako.

    para daw mawala yung manas, you can swim. upo ka sa salabida then move-move your feet. it's very effective daw and very relaxing.

    you look so cute. lapit ka na maging mommy. yey. so happy for you.

  3. This is soo cute lloyda! :) I like that animal-print dress and that blazer :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. awww cutie lloyda . nakatory burch pa din! hehe bongga

    kailangan NSD yan LLoyda ah?! kaya?

  5. i dont care about your legs.. i think you're so adorable!! :D what a cute dress! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. you look so cute in this outfit! the baby bump really shows that you're almost there! :D

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥ 

  7. lloyda! you have this healthy glow which i admire! i wish to be as pretty as you when i get preggers :)) hehe

  8. aww even though you are pregnant still look gorgeous as ever!!! you do give out a great sense of style even though you have a huge bump...

    take care gorgeous
    much love

  9. love love love this outfit. its an unexpected combo that works. :D

  10. there's just something sexy about a woman showing off her baby bump in a hot dress! love the dress lloyda! where did you get it? and goodluck on the delivery!!! can't wait to see your baby!

  11. Best dressed little bump ever!



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