Style Connect: Miroslava Duma

Last minute baby stuff shopping today! Got a few items like diapers, mattress protector for the crib (the crib was delivered yesterday), cotton balls, etc. Gah! I super love the little girls clothes in Kids of Bayo & Gingersnaps! Super cute!  Oh and I also saw quite a bit of stuff I like around the mall but didn't buy any. I think shopping can wait... I'll go shopping after I give birth. :)

My outfit today was inspired by the ever stylish Miroslava Duma. Isn't she lovely? I super love her style!!!

I was suppose to wear sandals with this outfit but my cankles won't allow the straps to close so I have no choice but to wear flip flops. Hehehehe.

brown boater hat: YRYS
black dress: bought online
heather brown long cardigan: Topshop
black flip flops: Havaianas
red canvas tote: Prada

Oh and the winners for my first giveaway (jackets) will be announced soon! :D So look out for that! 

9 said something:

  1. omg.. yes!! i saw that picture before and i thought she was such a chic momma!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. rad mom.... hope I can be as stylish as both of you when I'm pregnant someday... :D

  3. your outfit is super cute! I love how your such a fashionable mom (to be) :P

  4. i love your inspiration for this outfit. Miroslava is a fave of mine. you look ultra-cute! and i can't wait to see your baby!

  5. omg, this is so cute! i love you chic pregnant ladies :)


  6. What an adorable inspiration outfit. :) You and your baby bump are sooo cute. I love how pregnancy can still be so stylish. You're proof that even when you're pregnant you can and should look fabulous!

    Lovin' your blog, will definitely be back for me. And yay, I'm a new follower too!

    xx Love & Aloha
    p.s. I've been on a hunt for a pair of oxfords.. too bad I can't enter your contest. Looks like a fun one though!

  7. i really love seeing fashionista mommies :D

  8. I love the red canvas Prada tote bag...Ohh I am craving for the Blue one....patience my dear!!!

    and mah look great as well...

    totally stunning as a mom...
    can't wait for the winners crossing my fingers!!!

    take care love

  9. you totally rocked this look babe! and oh, how i looooooove miroslava duma!



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