my very first giveaway!!!

Okay so here it is! My very first giveaway to you my readers! It might not be a lot but I sure do hope you guys would join. :D

I'm giving away 3 jackets to 3 lucky readers. International readers can join too!

What I'm giving away:

  • A black cropped jacket from Giordano Ladies (same jacket I'm wearing HERE)
  • An off white cropped trench jacket from Giordano Ladies.
  • A military jacket & a Betsey Johnson top up for grabs from my sponsor Ash of Shoparazzi. Do visit her multiply site: She have loads of great thrift fashion finds!

How to join:
1. Choose which jacket you want to win (give at least 2).
2. State a fact or two about you! I would love to know about my readers. :D
3. Ask a question or give a fashion challenge.
4. Don't forget to leave your name, location and email address.
5. Follow me on twitterfacebook, blogger, or Bloglovin'.
6. Spread the news! Blog, tweet, or link about the giveaway!
7. Winners will be chosen via

Now it's so easy right?!? Contest will run until 20 August 2010.

56 said something:

  1. Jackets 2 to 3 might just be perfect for my wardrobe!
    i'm a physiotherapist!
    fashion challenge: how do you actually stylize a hospital uniform (scrub suits)? is it even possible?
    i'm a blogger follower and tweeted the giveaway HERE
    -i might just be commenter #1... and is less likely to choose me LOLz.

  2. Oooh! I am crushing on the white jacket, then the military one!

    Something about me? I used to have really twisted versions of the Goldilocks story as well as Hansen and Gretel. I kind of mixed them up! :)

    My question: Where do you get your fashion inspiration?


  3. Hi there!!! Love your giveaway!!! :)

    1. I want the second and third jacket. :)

    2. I've been following you since college? I guess. Hahaha! I saw you first on a magazine. I bet, it's Candy. I was inlove at first site with your style! I hope I didn't sound like a scary stalker... :))

    3. Question:
    Fashion challenge:

    4. Ashley, Japan, ckawaiilover at gmail dot com

    5. Following you at twitter and blogger at the moment. Will follow you at FB and Bloglovin now.

    6. Will blog on my next post as well. :)

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  5. OMG! This is an amazing giveaway! :D

    I would love to have the Military Jacket and Betsey Johnson 2nd choice would have to be the Giordano off-white jacket..:D

    A fact about me: I am deathly afraid of heights..even just looking down from the 3rd floor ledge.

    Question: When are you due? Is it a boy or a girl? :D

    I'm a google and Facebook follower.

    Have posted a link of your giveaway on my current post:

    Hope i win one!
    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  6. Since I cannot wear any of the jackets that's up for grabs... The best thing I can do is tweet this post... =) But I love the jackets!!! =) SOOOPER!!! =)

  7. I love the off-white jacket and the military-jacket-and-floral-top combo!

    I am half-Greek! (not sure if you knew that already, haha)

    My question: Have you decided what to name your baby? (:

    This is so exciting! (:

  8. Woah Lloyda, I love your giveawy. I'm going to give it a try though :P

    I love the Betsey Johnson Jacket and White Giordano Cropped Trench coat.

    I'm into books and I've been into Political rallies (strange for a fashion enthusiast blogger, like me:P)

    Here's my fashion challenge
    State what current fashion trend that you hate or loathe, and why.

    Maureen Manuel/Bacoor Cavite/

    My Twitter Status >>

  9. I wanted to ocmment yesterday but I don't want to be the 1st entry coz it might slim down by chances of winning. hahaha! So here goes, I hope I win!

    1. I like the 3rd jacket coz it looks vintage!:)
    2. I am "bakla" but I think Melai and the others already said that. Hmm, I'm a ballerina before! :)
    3. How old are you? Or let me rephrase that, how young are you??:)
    4. Aisa, Manila, isabelipac[at]yahoo[dot]com
    5. I'm a blogger and twitter follower!:)
    6. I will include it in my post later promise!:)

    Yey thanks Lloyda!:)

  10. * love the 1st and 3rd one! :D
    * i can beatbox! hahaha!
    * you work for giordano, right? so do you know mariad akil? say hi to her for me. we studied both in assumption and ateneo (when i was still in the philippines)
    * sybil - Canada - libys11(at)yahoo(dot)com
    * followin you thru google!

    Animated Confessions

  11. Congratulations on your first giveaway! Never was lucky with contests but I'll give it a shot! :D

    1. Jacket 3 (lovelovelove) and Jacket 2.
    2. I love Johnny Depp, takoyaki and bunnies.
    3. Can I have your shoes? Lol. (Just saying that I love your shoe collection.)
    4. Sharnie, Manila,
    5. Following you on Twitter and Blogger. :D
    6. Done! :D

    Thank you! May the random gods be with me. Keke.

  12. > jackets? i want them all :) the 1st would be a classic staple
    > factoid: i have myopia, and use corrective eyewear.
    > fashion challenge: a complete budget getup to the tune of a certain amount plus 1 more criteria. let's say shades of violet and no more than p750 or p1000?
    > i tweet @torque15, am your follower
    > i FB @torque15, am your fan
    > blogger follower and i will blog about this here later

    torque15, lives down south dvo
    iamtorque15 at gmail dot com

  13. Haha! Pareho tayo Aisa! I didn't want to be the first one to comment kasi baka hindi ako yung ma-draw! Haha!

    1. I like the 3rd jacket!:)
    2. I'm a dancer! I do breakdancing and hiphop now but my history was ballet, contemporary and modern jazz :)
    3.1 QUESTION: We all love your style but who is your ultimate (just one) style icon or style idol?
    3.2 CHALLENGE: What is the one thing you wouldn't be caught wearing? Wear it in an outfit post! Hihi. :)
    4. Melai, QC,
    5. I'm a blogger and bloglovin' follower!:)
    6. Promise, I will blog about it in my latest entry!:)

    hearts Lloyda! :)

  14. I love both giordano ladies' jackets ---so classic!
    I wear size 9-10 shoes (and I'm a girl!)
    How many shoes do you have na? hahaha, i know. hard question!
    Jude, Quezon City,
    I follow you on twitter & blogger! (and google reader!)

  15. 1. I like them all!!! :D Haha! :D Love these pieces!
    2. Hmm Hmm ... I'm a vegetarian! ;p Haha! Since 2006 =)
    3. Fashion Challenge: Dress up as your fashion icon? :D Haha!
    4. .. Muntinlupa City ;)
    5. Followed: Twitter and FB! :) And through google
    6. Will include in my next blog entry! :)

  16. Baaabe! I'm game! Here goes...

    1. Military jacket (with the Betsey Johnson floral top) is first on my list, second is the black cropped jacket.

    2. I'm a binge eater who functions best after a 10-hr night's rest. Yes, I love living like a pig about to be slaughtered.

    3. Around how much does an average Pinay spend on shoes annually?

    4. Czarina Villa,, Quezon City

    5. Twitter and Facebook: CHECK!

  17. 1. I love the white and military jacket!
    2. I was once a radio DJ :P
    3. Do you plan your outfits a day before, or just randomly choose them on that day?:)
    4. Tabitha Fernan, San Juan City,
    5. Followed you!:)
    6. Tweeted about it and tagged you!

  18. No harm in trying, right? :) I hope blogspot won't eat up my comment though but I'll probably use my old blogspot account. :)

    1. Betsey Johnson or the black cropped blazer.
    2. Fact # 1, I've been reading and following your blog for a long, long time and was extremely flattered when you left a comment on my blog. Fact #2, I'm such a sucker for Asian-inspired fashion and your site pretty much gives me a look into that particular perspective.
    3. Question? I always notice you wearing really comfortable oxfords or brogues most of the time, so I was wondering, which do you prefer? Flats or heels?
    4. Dominique Tiu,, Tomas Morato
    5. Done!
    6. Will do so! Sending a tweet!

  19. 1. I'd choose the second and third:)
    2. I'm a college student of UST and my friend and I have been trying out the whole fashion blog for our school since, so far, nothing of the like has been established yet :( :-/
    3. If you had on a yellow dress with ruffled bottoms and the only pairs of shoes that you have at home were dunks, how would you work it?
    4. Alix Reyes, Manila,

  20. 1. I like the black giordano ladies cropped blazer and the white giordano cropped trench jacket!
    2. I am currently finding my own style again.
    3. Will your style change once you become a mom?
    4. Ira Dy, Quezon City,
    5. Followed you on twitter!

  21. Jacket 1 & 2 :D Very versatile~ :)

    Fact: I'm only 14 years young (age doesn't stop me in joining contests~)

    Challenge: Design your own outfit. It may just be a drawing, as long as its original :)

    Name: Christiana Danica C. Despi (Cidee)
    Location: Dasmarinas, Cavite Philippines

    Followed you on twitter and FB. :D

    I shall tweet and blog about this! :)

  22. Jackets 1 and 2 for me please :)

    Something about me? I'm in love with NYX jumbo pencil in milk. Amazing product!

    My question: What do you think of thrifting? :)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  23. my name is Kartika Margaretha from Indonesia... :D
    my email:

    *ahhh I want jacket number 1 and 3.. they're great
    *my favorite bands are Angels and Airwaves, 30seconds to Mars and the Maine... hehehehe
    *what do you think about buying branded stuff???
    *I shared your giveaway news in my twitter.. here'a the link

    *hope I can win..!!!! #fingercrrosed

  24. 1. I'm dying to win that white jacket. Or that black one :)

    2. I blog too and I am a vegetarian.

    3. Question- What would you pair with dark purple skinny jeans?

    4. Harinder, USA, spasticnotplastic(AT)ymail(DOT)com

    5. I follow you on Twitter @notplastic and Google Friend Connect. :)

    6. I blogged and tweeted. Here are the links:


    Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. Totally love the jackets...

    would love to get Jacket number 2 or 3....great great giveaway...

    - like you in facebook...

    -followed you via blogger and bloglovin' too!

    -followed you via twitter @mistytewest

    -tweeted about the giveaway and yes link this one in my facebook account too.

    -and blogged about this as well here is the link ( )

    I am Sweet from PensandLens, I am a teacher by day and blogger by night. I love fashion, photography and travel. Check out my blog here PensandLens

    Fashion Challenge is fun. Can you spend a wardrobe below $100 dollars? hehehe sorry I cannot think of a great challenge...eek!!!!

    and lastly my details
    Sweet Veloso
    from the Philippines but currently living in Bangkok, Thailand.
    my email is

    Wow this is a long comment...

    but would love to win the jackets dear!!!

    take care gorgeous!!!

  26. 1. Jacket # 3
    2. I sort of finished my MBA, sans the thesis :(
    3. Describe/Photograph a getup you'd never be caught in :)
    4. kahodin, durian town, kahodin[at]gmail[dot]com
    5. Twitter follower @kahodin
    6. Tweet done.

  27. Hi Lloyda! The black blazer or military jacket would be perfect. I'm an asthmatic nail art fan. Do you dig nail art? Would you match a day's wear with your nails? Twitter follower, twitted about this already @rlyn68. Rlyn68 from DC, Phils, rlyn68ATgmailDOTcom
    Will check out your FB next.

  28. 1. I prefer the Military Jacket then the white one.
    2. I am addicted to coffee and shoes. I'm a caffeinated queen of sole ;)
    3. What's your favorite fashion era?
    4. Nori, Cainta/Pasig (,
    5. Blogger, FAcebook, Twitter Follower
    6. Posted it on twitter:
    and my blog:

  29. 1. My favorite is the military jacket, but I also like the white one. Thank you so much for giving us the chance to win them. :)

    2. I sell vintage clothing on Etsy!

    3. Do you know where I can buy straight leg jeans that are not skin tight? I have searched everywhere for them, but all I can find are skinny jeans/jeggings. Ugh!

    4. Cindy, USA, clogzilla(at)yahoo(dot)com

    5. I follow your blog via Google Friend Connect.

    6. I tweeted!

  30. I am in LOVE with the military jacket :) I could also style the white jacket nicely as well!

    I work as a physician assistant in the ER, sometimes >60 hours a week, and I love every minute

    What is one clothing item you couldn't live without?

    Lynzy, USA,

    I follow on GOOGLE and TWITTER :)

    I also tweeted with @skirtstoskillets

    xo Lynzy
    Enter my giveaway to win an OufiLondon handbag!

  31. My first choice would be the white giordano and second would be the black giordano jacket!

    mrunamistry at gmail dot com

  32. A fact about me would be that when i see a thing in two or more colors i get really confused as to what color to buy it in.. :(

    mrunamistry at gmail dot com

  33. Fashion challenge would be wear everything mismatched and still look good..though im not sure if thats much of a challenge!

    mrunamistry at gmail dot com

  34. I already follow via GFC! and bloglovin too!

    Mruna , India

    mrunamistry at gmail dot com

  35. Oh wow, I can't believe I haven't joined this yet!

    1) It's hard to choose, but I like the white jacket and the military jacket.

    2) I used to think fashion was frivolous and stupid! Now look at me. And my closet. And my dwindling savings account.

    3) I challenge you to wear pink! I don't think I've seen you wear pink in this blog. :D

    4) I am Lauren, from Pasig. You can contact me at laurendado at gmail dot com :)

    5) I'm following you on Twitter now!

  36. i like jacket 1 and 2

    i'll be getting my economics degree on feb! :)

    would love to know what or who is your fashion inspiration

    mia e here, from makati, philippines

    i'm a follower on twitter - gimiabreak
    and also blogger :)

    i also tweeted about your giveaway :)

  37. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  38. 1. I prefer the military jacket then the white jacket
    2. I have a fashion advocacy: C.L.E.A.N. Fashion, i explained this in my very first post of my blog. I love wedges.
    3. Are you a wedge lover? How high can you go with your wedge?
    4.) Name: Sigh, Location: CEbu City email:
    5.) Followed you via blogger and bloglovin
    6.) gonna post your giveaway on my next post
    More power!

  39. Hi Lloyda! Great mechanics! Me likey! :D

    Here goes:

    1. I'd go for the blazer and trench jacket. :)

    2. I miss our Livejournal days. And I miss those days I can dress up however I want. Lack of time and lack of resources are sad facts of my life. BUT thanks to you, I still have my daily fashion inspiration!

    3. Question: If you were to go to a Disney costume party, who/what would you go as? :)

    Fashion challenge: A post on your bag's typical contents/essentials OR your bag collection, perhaps? :)

    4. Margie, Manila (definiens AT gmail DOT com)

    5. Following you on Twitter and I've got you a link in my dailies, as seen on my silent blog.

    6. Will definitely tweet about this!

    I never win in any contests, giveaways or raffles. LOL, but I still gotta try! ;)

  40. 1. prefer the white one, then the black one :)
    2. i'm not wearing branded, but wearing something comfort.
    3. challenge : boyish look :)
    4. name : shinta
    location : jakarta, indonesia
    email :
    5. followin you via blogger
    make a link on my side bar, check out!

  41. 1. I want jacket 1 and 2! both are classics:)
    2. I've been wanting to start my own blog for over a year now but I'm too tamad:(
    3. I want to see you wear mismatched prints from head to toe!!:)
    4. Katrina, Quezon City,
    5. Following you on twitter!:)

  42. Hey Lloyda! :) Nice jackets! I'm not joining so I'll just give you a challenge.. Hahaha. I'd like to see you pose in a fashionable outfit right after giving birth, is that even possible? :D haha

  43. 1. Military Jacket then the White one :)

    2. I used to be addicted to blogging, a blogspot owner myself but I moved to Tumblr now. :3
    I am also self conscious about how I look so I recently got to primping up myself. Makeover much. I am such a nerd but I try not to show it :)

    3. Fashion Challenge! First off, it's cool that you're preggy and you still look awesome. Have a photoshoot featuring preggy clothing but still fashionable.

    4. Anne Ronidel,

    5. Following you on twitter :D

  44. 1. I want Jacket 1 and 2
    2. I am a 51-year old mother of 4 who loves fashion!
    3. What do you recomment women in their 50's wear?
    4. Belen Dy, Qc,
    5. followed you

  45. 1. Jacket 2 & 3!
    2. I love Panic! At The Disco and I'm a Thomasian! :D
    3. Can you stand walking for the whole day wearing heels when you're pregnant?
    4. Hazel Uri. Laguna, Philippines.
    5. Followed! ;)
    6. I'll post it on my Facebook. ;)

  46. 1. Please let me win jacket #1 or #2
    2. I hate to eat chorizo! :)
    3. Fashion No-No's when preggy?
    4. Daea, Philippines, daeaSR gmail com
    5. Twitter follower daea_r
    6. Tweet done

  47. Joining! Hope I win :)

    1. Wants the military jacket and betsey johnson top or the black Giordano jacket

    2. I just opened an online shop with 2 of my friends. Please do check it out :)

    3. I love how you style your clothes and work around being preggy :) Question: what's your wardrobe must have?

    4. Kats, San Juan, Metro Manila

    5. Followed you on Facebook :)

    6. Will post a link on my FB page

  48. 1. Choose which jacket you want to win (give at least 2).
    -- Jacket 2 or 3 please

    2. State a fact or two about you! I would love to know about my readers. :D
    -- I also started my own online blog which revolves around my children's funny antics and some letters I wrote so when they are older, they could see how they were.
    I also gave birth to my youngest, which brings me to...

    3. Ask a question or give a fashion challenge.
    --How do you dress up while nursing? Most nursing tops are expensive and would look dated and the inexpensive ones are not that fashionable.

    4. Don't forget to leave your name, location and email address.
    --Cheska Duenas, QC,

    5. Follow me on twitter, facebook, blogger, or Bloglovin'.

    6. Spread the news! Blog, tweet, or link about the giveaway!
    --DONE ALSO!

  49. i can't take my eyes off jacket #1!
    next is jacket #3, because i love the top sooooo much!

    -i'm a sucker for teddy bears :)
    -i loove salmon color, too bad it's quite rare to find. would be lovely to have 'em on my nails <3

    well then so the challenge is, dress up yourself with salmon color theme! :)

    my name is jessica from indonesia and here's my email address

    i followed you on twitter and blogger, and liked your facebook page already.

    here's the tweet!

    please pick me! ehhee

  50. oooh, i love contests with fab prizes! here goes my entry:

    1. I would love to win the white trench jacket and the military jacket.

    2. I am a twenty-something law student who loves to listen to rock music while studying. Hee.

    3. We're required to show up in corporate outfits four times a week, how can you take the "boring" out of suits and come up with 'corporate chic'?

    4. Donelle Khan, Iligan City, legallybugged at gmail dot com.

    5. Following you on Bloglovin'.

    6. Blogged about it here:

  51. 1] i really really want the military jacket and my second choice would be the white cropped jacket.

    2] i'm a tourism student and a thrift store junkie. =D

    3] how many pairs of brogues do you have?

    4] my name's jed im from naga city, bicol

    5] followed you on twitter and google reader as well

    6] here's the tweet..

    yay! done! hope i win! *fingers crossed*

  52. Hi Lloyda! I'm a fan of your fashion! I was so psyched to see you in the Preview Best-Dressed List this year. C:

    1. Definitely the white trench and the miltary jacket! C:
    2. I was born in a car.
    3. What's the difference between an oxford, a brogue and a derby? I can't seem to tell which from which haha!
    4. Moe from Alabang,

    God bless with your imminent due date! All the best for you and your husband. :p

  53. Promoted again through side bar of my blog! :)

  54. Weee!I'm joining hope it isn't too late!=)
    I love the Military Jacket (w/ Floral top) & the Off White Cropped trench,=)

    One thing about me is that I LOVE reading Military & Paranormal paperbacks--I love Suzanne Brockmann & Sherrilyn Kenyon!=)

    Here's a fashion challenge: Wear in 5 days--trends/color that you usually do not wear.


    Weee!!!Hope I win,=)
    Am already following you,=)

  55. 1. 3rd (military jacket)
    2. I'm a rookie in this "blogging industry"
    3. can I not ask a question or give a fashion challenge? (LOL! Hey, that's a question right?:p)
    4. Golda P. ( (
    5. Already a follower of your blog and twitter :)

  56. oh my.. i forgot to post my email ad. anyway, here it is. jedpequena@gmail(dot)com



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