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I'm wearing my mum's house dress (a.k.a. a daster in Tagalog) out as a normal dress. It's so pretty and colourful that I decided it won't really look like a house dress if I wear it with right accessories. So I wore it with a vintage belt, a couple of bangles and my bunny ear headband. Hopefully I did the outfit justice. Hahaha... but then again I'll be wearing something like this, more or less now a days 'coz the baby is due by the end of the month! Eeeeep! I'm excited and scared at the same time.

printed maxi dress
brown vintage belt
Zara gold sequined ballet flats
brown bunny ear headband
random bangles

18 said something:

  1. lovely dress!!! the print and color is amazing. And i love how you styled it, so you. Gorgeous gorgeous.:) And goodluck with the baby, we're all excited for you!:) Can't wait to see your little bundle of joy!

  2. wow your mom has the most awesome daster ever! i love it and would totally wear it as a maxi! so excited for your blessing coming at the end of the month babe!


  3. napakaganda at sosyal namang daster yan!!! :)

  4. hi lloyda, i'm glad to have discovered your blog through the POC's feature where we were both in.. your sense of style is just so adorably quirky, i'm seriously wondering why it took me this long to be able to visit you... count me as one of your newest followers. maybe well get featured together again really soon!:)

    hope you could come drop by as well?


  5. OMG all this time I've been looking to where I can post a comment and I've always thought you turned it off, but it's at the top underneath the title pala o_o i feel so dumb! I always read your blog and I thought I left a comment before but I swear I do't ever remember it being at the top lol anyways!!!

    I can't wait to be a mom! i'm so excited for you! and wow, that's probably the chic-est daster i've ever seen! which gives me an idea, when i'm that old that i need to wear daster around the house, instead of just my undies, i'm gonna opt for stylish ones so i can still be sexy haha

  6. goodluck with the baby! have a safe delivery, dear! :D

    that daster is just so beautiful!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  7. Hi Lloyda! Thanks for dropping by! Awww, you are the cutest bundat ever! I love your dress! (And I love mommy bundat fashion posts hahaha). Shall we trade links?? oh, and where'd you get the dress??

  8. If you didn't mention it was a daster I wouldn't have known. Awesome print, your mom has great taste.

    Have a safe delivery!

  9. You totally rock this daster! :)

  10. love the combination of prints and colors. thank God for moms.

  11. You are positively glowing my dear! Really adore that dress on you. And the bunny ears are too cute! (:

    Btw after reading your post yesterday I bought a kilo of mangosteen and ate all of it in one sitting! Hahaha

  12. only you can get away with a daster! PROPS to you! and you just reminded me to wear my bunny hairband out again! thanks!

    xoxo Mode Junkie

  13. ay daster ni mommy hahaha. halata bang pictures first before reading! teehee!

  14. Doesn't look like a daster at all! Love the colooors! :)

  15. wow! that's a pretty glamorous take on a "daster." I love the bunny ears headband. :)

  16. It doesn't look like a daster! And I have a headband just like that but my hair's getting shorter and shorter. xD



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