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Went to my first ever blogger event today. Unfortunately I left the event without really getting to know anybody save for Jeff & Karrots 'coz I'm just super shy to go up to the other bloggers and introduce myself or join their conversation. I'm glad to meet Karrots of though. She's just this ball of energy! And I super love her shoes too! Super sorry if it looks like I'm such a snob to the other bloggers though... It was an interesting experience and I'm glad I went.

Afterwards I went to the Port88 bazaar to man our booth and check the other stalls. I got to meet the lovely Paxie and Ana. Hello girls! It was nice meeting you. Loads of great clothes but didn't buy any. And I'm super sad 'coz the shoes I want from Shoeology got sold out of my size! Boo! :( Do check them out! They got a really cute collection of oxfords! I wanna buy them all!!! Hahaha. You know me and my oxfords obsession.

Giordano black & white stripes tunic
Giordano Ladies black skirt
Zara hot pink bag
Giordano Ladies black & white oxfords
Timex gold watch
random rings

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  1. Was that event the Robinsons sale? I got invited to that one but couldn't make it cos of styling class! Anyway, I had no idea Giordano made such adorable oxfords. Want!

  2. I totally regret not going. :( How was the Robinson's Sale event? On a happier note, I love the oxfords you're wearing, dear!

  3. aaaw lloyda i was looking for you! I wanted to see you but i guess you already left. Pax showed me your pics though :) I also love the shoeology oxfords I'll buy myself next time as well :)

    Sayang I wanted to meet you sana :) And ask for a picture with you. haha. parang artista lang. Oh well sa susunod :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. hoooooooow cute are you in this outfit?? :)


    Anyhoo, you look adorable as always! <3 Glad you had fun at the blogger event. :D

  6. oohhhh so so cute!!! wow.. it would be nice to meet other filipino bloggers nga.. saya! :D

    Animated Confessions

  7. i have a funny story about the Port 88 bazaar. i confused it's opening day with Supersale's and so I went to the Megatent last Friday...only to find out that the bazaar starts on Saturday pa pala. I was stuck in traffic for 2 hours for nothing! aargh! hay, stupid me. :(

    anyhoo, i went back to the bazaar last saturday and bought a few items.

    hey, did you get anything from Gold Dot already? :)

  8. Hello
    I saw you at the Robinson's event yesterday. Sad we were not introduced ; ( Maybe next time? : )

  9. Oh BTW, I went to Port88 bazaar too!
    Too bad I didnt know that you own a stall there so I could visit and say Hi!

  10. Lloyda! It was so nice to see you!:) You look glowing ha. I'll post our photo soon!:) I also didn't buy stuffs I just holed up in our booth coz I didn't want to end up penniless. hehe. Love the oxfords from Shoeology too especially the blue/red combo one!

  11. I know what you mean about Shoeology, it's amazing! The sizes are awkward on me though so I ended up not buying any, even though I tried both the Port88 and SuperSale stocks! Hah

  12. i just have to say I am sooo kilig to be mentioned here!!! :D Thank you so much lloyda, you're super nice and cuteeee! :) you and your sister! :D

  13. Wow.. This is great! I can say that this is the first time I visited this site and I found out that most of the blogs here are interesting to read. Anyway, thanks for sharing and I definitely visit this blog more often.



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