a surprise!!!

The dear husband & my friends threw me a surprise baby shower today. I was super oblivious to it. Hahaha. Good thing I dressed up 'coz I was just planning on wearing a tee & shorts since we'll just be hanging out at the husband's parents place. The husband then told me to dress up upon seeing my first outfit 'coz we will head out to watch a movie tonight. Thankful for a very sweet husband who doesn't want to make his wife look like blah for her baby shower eh? Hahaha. Got loads of super cute gifts for the baby. Little miniature stuff are super adorable don't you think? Tiny onesies, socks, shoes... I could go on and on.

You can't see my black bow tie that much eh? I got the idea to wear it coz the husband said I look like a penguin when I came out of my closet wearing the dress with the vest. I thought that I might as well complete the penguin look! Hahahaha!

H&M black bowler hat
black satin bowtie
Giordano Concepts knitted long back vest
black & white stripes jersey dress
Topshop white lace-up oxfords
Giordano black tote
Timex gold watch
Forever21 rings


14 said something:

  1. the bowtie is an adorable touch. =)

  2. I LOVE your shoes and that dress is amazing, i hope to look that good when I get pregnant

  3. I was laughing when you said that your husband said "you look like a penguin!"haha but that's not true dear!you look great!and you're one hot momma!I so love your style!:)

    PS: Your oxford flats are to die for!I am looking for one perfect pair of it, but haven't found one. where do you think can i find?:)

  4. I read somewhere that black and white are in. :D
    Hi again, Lloyda! I left a message on your formspring but I don't think you check it often. So... Please check it pretty please. :p

  5. well, i think penguins are cute, & so are you! :3 haha.

    what a really exciting time it must be for you! even i can't wait till your baby arrives! when are you due? :)

    boat ride through the sky

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  7. awww that's so sweet!!! lovin your maxi!!!

  8. awwww...the hubby is so sweet! even wanting you to dress up for the shower..:D
    the bow tie is the perfect touch to the outfit! love it!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  9. Haha well you're the cutest penguin ever! (:

  10. you look sooooo adorable!!

  11. This number's sooooo cute, L! and im happy you got yourself a surprise... i love surprises... and i feel happy too when other people are awed by surprises. prayin for your safe and glorious delivery!

  12. So cute! Can i borrow your husband? OR marry him? LOL u look so happily pregnant girl! xx

  13. you look adorable!! oxfords love!



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