two days, two outfits

A reader, I believe it was Kat, asked me how I felt about thrifting. My answer to that question is I love thrifting! Though I haven't really gone inside a thriftshop for such a long time though. I am super envious of the other bloggers out there who get to find such gems from their thrift expeditions. I believe I'm not really blessed by the thrift gods or maybe I just haven't perfected the art of thrifting just yet. Perhaps you thrift queens would like to have an ukay adventure one of these days? But maybe after I give birth though coz we wouldn't want my water breaking in the middle of an ukay store would we?!?! Hahaha.

16 August 2010 outfit 

off white tank: f&h
polka dot skirt: thrifted
black satchel: greenhills
black belt: from my mum's closet
sandals: from my sister's closet

A fashion challenge from AnneRoHave a photoshoot featuring preggy clothing but still fashionable. I dunno if this would pass as a photoshoot or as a fashionable preggy clothing. As I did not buy any maternity clothes, save for a couple of shorts. So I guess this type would do eh? As for the photoshoot. I don't have a willing photographer to take photos of me. ;)

17 August 2010 outfit

grey dress: from my mum's closet
rubber sandals: Havaianas
black satchel: Greenhills

Oh and I would like to say hello to the fasyon girl I met in Rustan's awhile ago. I super love what you're wearing especially the floral shorts! So sorry for not asking your name... I'm really super shy in person. Heeeeeeee.... and I was quite surprise that someone recognizes me coz of this blog. 

For those asking for the online polaroid image maker, go to Polaroin. :)

only a couple more days left for the give-away!!!

3 said something:

  1. ok, let's go on a thrifting excursion. I think Lauren would like to come with us too!:) Weeee blogger meet-up via ukay excursion. Love it. :)

  2. this is just so so adorable!! :D love it! :D

    Animated Confessions

  3. I love the first outfit, so lovely! :)

    And I have never gone thrifting before =/ I will this Friday though as I will be meeting a blogfriend from Cebu! We'll go to Anonas and I am so excited :D



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