the comeback kid

Me thinks, I need a haircut!

Guess who was able to take a shower today?!?! Tada! Yep! Me! I can't believe that I was able to stand not taking a shower for a whole month! Geee... how time travels eh? My baby is a month old today. He is growing so fast!

I'm finally allowed to go out! Woohoo! So I went for a quick lunch out with the husband. What a girl to do after almost a year for not wearing heels? Wear heels of course! I miss my shoes especially my platforms & wedges! Oh and I'm super happy that I get to fit into some of my old clothes again. Gotta lose a few more pounds though. :p

sorry for the crappy image quality. 
low light + point & shoot camera = fail

floral top: Y.R.Y.S.
high waisted pants: online buy
black tote: Longchamp
black heels: online buy

25 said something:

  1. wow.. you have great post-baby body.. Can't believe you just gave birth a month ago..:)

  2. where did you get those pants?? i love!!! message me! hahah

    yey!!! congratz babe! =)

  3. Yay!!! It's good to see you up and about and posting outfit pictures once more. I love your heels! :D

  4. you look great! can't wait for your post-baby outfit posts. =)

  5. oh wow, it's so weird to see you w/o your huge baby bump! you are as gorgeous as ever tho!

    and yay to heels &, more importantly, finally being allowed to shower, haha!

    boat ride through the sky

  6. gorgeous preggy and not preggy!:) love your outfit and can't wait to see more now that you can wear anything!

  7. those trousers are really something!! it's so nice to hear from you again!! :D and yay for heels!

    Animated Confessions

  8. lloyda!!!!!!!!!! i am so glad that you're back... and with a vengeance! i love ze pants!!! same with nicole, oh please do tell where you got' em!!! i can't to see more outfit posts from you wearing your heels. im particularly excited to see you work the Gold Dot astrud boots!!!

  9. wow! amazing!

    ampayat mo naaaaaa!!!

    naku today, my feet is swollen. katakot.

    congratulations. you look good.

  10. you still look pretty as usual! and those harem pants look so good on you! cheers to your 1-month year old kid :)

  11. Welcome back mommy Lloyda! (: you look fabulous as ever! Ang slim mo nga eh! (;

  12. Wow, you look gorgeous, love your outfit :)

  13. wow i haven't been in your blog in a while and i can't believe i've missed so much! you gave birth already and you look great!! I will surely miss the pregger outfits though! I find pregnant woman so adorable! Congrats on your baby boy and hope to see more pics of him! :)

  14. those pants!!! it makes you look like you have the longest gams on earth and beyond!!! love it! X

  15. Achi Lloyda you're baaaack :D:D I love how you'd never look frumpy even after giving birth. One hawt mama :D

  16. Those pants are so fab! You look so tall in them. Welcome back Lloyda :)

    Lee []

  17. eeep! LOVE the trousers, really chic styling! Cool blog, definitely be back here lots :) Come follow TBAG if you fancy.


  18. Wow, you don't even look like you gave birth!

    Welcome back! :)

  19. Wow, Lloyda! You've definitely been missed in the blogosphere. It's kind of funny to see you small again! :)

    Bea from A plus B

  20. Welcome back Lloyda! :) Seriously, wala sa itsura na you gave birth! As always, nice outfit! ;D

  21. yay! welcome back hot momma!! you look awesome :D

  22. welcome back mommy dear!!! looking great!!!!

    so amazing!!!!




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