how astrud are you?

Doctors appointments today! I made sure that this is a reason for me to dress up! Hahaha. I've been wearing nothing but jammies for the whole month I've been cooped up here at home. So of course I gotta dress up whenever I could. I miss my clothes. Anyways, I've been itching to wear my Astrud boots from Gold Dot. I adore the details of these boots! Decided to wear them with black & grey pieces to compliment the colour of the boots.

 Even our poodle loves these rockin' boots! 

grey jacket: R.A.F by Plains & Prints
black tank with lace details: online buy
pleated skirt: Giordano Ladies
black & grey boots: Gold Dot
black tote: Longchamp

17 said something:

  1. You look great!!! Love your blazer and boots ;)

  2. lookin great, lloyda! i love the puffed sleeves of your jacket! and of course, love the Astrud boots on you! yay for heels!

  3. Lovely blog you have here :)
    It's my first visit and yet I can't help but wonder, as you do look quite familiar, do you by any chance used or something way back in the day? I think I've followed your outfit posts there once upon a time. HAHA Don't worry I'm no stalker, just happen to stumble upon your page again! If I happen to be wrong, ignore this! pahahaha have a lovely day!

  4. i'd say i love the skirt best of all. must visit a giordano ladies store soon.

  5. wow.. i totally dig how you styled this look!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. I love this look! great styling! <3


  7. cute boots! the whole outfit looks great :)

  8. love that blazer! you really look gorgeous!

  9. The boots are so much love! And your blazer!

  10. those are rocking boots! cute dog btw :)

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  12. You're too cute! It's my first time visiting, and I love love love your outfits. Congratulations on being a mum by the way! :)

  13. I love the skirt Lloyda! Youre so skinny na! :) Congrats by the way! :)

  14. Love the whole outfit but I especially love the puffed sleeve detail on your blazer and your boots! :D

    And your hair!!! I wish I had hair like yours!


  15. wow...its fun seeing you back again!!!! great the blazer/jacket cute!!!!

    whehehe looking pretty new mommy!!!




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