the ukay manila winners

Thank you so much for joining the Ukay Manila dress giveaway girls! Got a lot of great replies from you guys. I totally enjoyed reading your answers to the question: What is your fashion philosophy?

Chose the winners this afternoon. Like I said the winners will be chosen randomly.

Printed out all your replies. (including the additional entries)

Rolled them up and placed into a huge bowl


And the winners are.......... drum roll.....

Winner of the Geometric Rose Dress
Eyka Paula Dela Cruz

Winner of the White Tree Dress
Karen Chayne Sanchez

Congratulations girls! Expect an email from me soon! :)

Again visit Ukay Manila at for great vintage & thrifted items. And from what I heard they will be selling SHOES soon! Yey!

2 said something:

  1. congratulations to the winners! i saw the photos from the Kotex event! you look so lovely there!

  2. yey! my little sister won! congratz! thanks lloyda and hope to see more contests from you! :))



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