clickity clog clog

I ordered these clogs when I was still pregnant and I tried them on as soon as I got them. But I was 9 months pregnant at that time so my feet were so bloated I my feet won't fit into these very cute clogs. Hahaha. I am super happy that my feet returned to their normal size or else I'll need to have a major shoe closet overhaul. That would make me very sad but then again that will give me a reason to go shoe shopping! Hahahaha! But yeah lucky for me I still fit into my shoes.

denim vest: vintage from my mum
belt: vintage
black jumpsuit: yrys
bag: Louis Vuitton
brown clogs: Gold Dot

11 said something:

  1. Very nice! I don't think clogs will suit me at all but you really pull them off :)

  2. Love your outfit lloyda :) cute clogs!! :))
    I have a giveaway baka gusto mo sumali dear :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. i love gold dot's clogs!!< 3 wish they still had that shade

  4. lovin this outfit! love the denim vest...

  5. oh wow lloyda! i haven't been here in a while and i should have if only to see you earlier and your amazing transformation from being preggy to rockin!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  6. I am absolutely loving the denim vest...and looks like you never gave I wish I can have the same body structure as you are...but for now...pregnancy is out of my league yet!!!!

    love the clogs darling and you look beautiful...


  7. love the vest belted! looking great, lloyda!

  8. i was scared too that my shoes won´t fit anymore but luckily they still do after birth! ;)

    love them clogs on you!




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