fashion challenge: mismatched prints

Remember I asked you guys before for some fashion challenges? Since now I can fit into my old clothes I've decided to start doing these challenges and answering your fashion questions as well.

Katrina's fashion challenge was to see me in mismatched prints from head to toe.

So here's my take to that challenge. Wore my tie-dye top with my new mesh floral mini skirt (a gift from my dear husband). I was running late this morning and I can't find my printed shoes, so plain black clogs will have to do. I suppose I failed this challenge coz I didn't wear mismatched prints from head to toe... I think I need redo this challenge again eh?

navy tie-dye tee: The Landmark
floral skirt: Pull & Bear
black wedge clogs: online buy

And answering some questions: relating to my pregnancy

How do you dress up while nursing? Most nursing tops are expensive and would look dated and the inexpensive ones are not that fashionable. - mommy chexy
I don't think I will buy clothes specifically made for nursing coz like you said they are quite expensive. I am nursing my baby right now and so far I'm dressing up just like what I used to. One reason because my baby is still just a few months old and I wouldn't bring him out of the house just yet. But if I need to nurse him next time I think my best bet would be stretch tank tops, tube tops and those tops that have deep necklines. :)

Fashion No-No's when preggy? - d a e a r
I learned this the hard way. Steer clear of loose tent like clothing! They make you look 10x bigger!

Can you stand walking for the whole day wearing heels when you're pregnant? - ZellĂ©♥
I'm extremely clumsy so I really didn't wear much heels when I was pregnant. Was super afraid I'll slip & hurt the baby. though I did wear heels during the first few months when my tummy wasn't that big and yes I can stand walking in heels the whole day (though not those platform heels mind you - with the same reason I mentioned before)

Will your style change once you become a mom? - Ira Dy
I don't think it would. ;)

10 said something:

  1. Weeee lloyda! Ganda :)

    Melai :)

  2. You are sooo cute Lloyda! :) I think you nailed the look!! <3

  3. Well done, Lloyda! I like it! <3

    My eyes are still adjusting; no more baby bump!

  4. you look super cute! i love the star-like print on the shirt! parang it's glowing! haha!

  5. well said look super cute in your outfit...especially the beautiful!!!


    Check out my Forever21 might want to join the fun!

  6. i love the top! perfect with that skirt! cute! X

  7. beautiful outfit! i love mismatched prints, for some reason, i have hardly any block colours in my wardrobe. hahaha all prints!

  8. i love the skirt! you rock that mismatched look! ;D beautiful!

    xx,missy s

  9. Wow you look adorable! I super love the look! :)

    <3 Camille



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