on neutral grounds

I've been wanting to try out the neutral trend from last season. But since I was pregnant at that time I couldn't bring myself to wear any light clothing lest I might look like a blimp! Hahaha. This is something a bit different from my usual outfits I think coz I seldom wear light coloured clothes. I usually gravitate towards black & grey clothes you see. I think I need to widen my clothing selection when I go shopping.

Ah Muji opened their very 1st store here in Manila today. I'm sure loads of people will be there tomorrow to check out all their awesome stuff. I might try to pass by one of these days to get myself a blank notebook, some pens and oh and foodstuff. From what I heard no drinks section right? That's sad. They have yummy drinks too.

Our poodle also wants to be included in the picture

khaki shirt: Forever21
waisted belt: Zara
pink floral skirt: Shang
pale pink cut-out booties: Parisian Jr. 

And I just because I wanna share:

18 said something:

  1. i love the shoe! Parisian? Sm yan di ba? you looking so dalaga na ulut Lloyda. And your boy is soooo adorable.

    Inggit ako sayu, may baby ka na... inip na inip nako.

  2. thank you lloyda. am attending a birthing class this week, para at least may idea ako. To be honest am very nervous, but every mommy goes through this so am at peace am gonna be okay.

    and yes yes yes, am gonna breastfeed. There's no reason why not. I like the benefits of breastfeeding. beby's health and my shape. hehehe. Sana lang milky ako. hehehe.

  3. omg! so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! such a beautiful baby. ^^

  4. Those neutrals look fantastic on you!

    And awwww he's such a cutie!

  5. Your baby is sooo cuuuuuute!! Where did u buy him?hehe *gigil*

  6. OMG! He's so adorable! *pinch*

    Love your outfit! Especially the skirt + shoes. :)

  7. yes that's what I was about to say lloyda, this looked very different from your usual look - all girly, dainty :) But still I love it! Love your shoes too! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  8. I love your outfit, lloyda!:) sweet! and those shoes! Seeing them i already knew it was parisian! LOVE!

    Your baby boy is So big na and CUTE!!

  9. i love what you're wearing--you look so girly and romantic:) And, your baby boy is so guapoooo! Love his chinky eyes:)

  10. your baby boys looks adorable just like mommy!!!!

    You look really good with those colors love...I mean...you look fantastic...love the top especially knowing that you just gave birth..you are insanely back in shape??? oh my!!!! lucky you!!!!


  11. I love the sweetness of the outfit! Your skirt and shoes are lovely, Lloyda! And your babyyyyy!!! So cuuuuuute!!!! <3

    <3 Christine

  12. i love the shoes! and the shoes talks for the photo! :D uggggh im envy!

    supeeeeeeeeer cute angel! hello baby!

  13. your baby is adorable! and so is your outfit! I especially love your shoes! Please check out my blog as I am having a giveaway! Whooo!

  14. Achi!! Your baby is shuper kyot; I bet shoti will be a heartbreaker when he grows up. ;)

  15. Super cute baby! :) And I love the neutrals!

  16. I must say that you're a hot mama! (:

  17. you are such a darling in this outfit!!! love love the take on neutrals and pastels!!! lovely look! :D

    and your baby is so so so cute!!

    Animated Confessions



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