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It's a shame that I can't attend Philippine Fashion Week. Any of my readers want invites? Just comment and let me know which shows you want. You can pick up the invites at our office in San Juan tomorrow.

Invites available:

  • Luxe Wear collection, Friday, 5:30pm (2 invites)
  • Rusty Lopez, Friday, 6:30pm (2 invites)
  • Folded & Hung, Friday, 7:30pm (4 1 invite left)
  • Ready to Wear collection, Saturday, 2:30pm (2 invites)
  • Jun Jun Cambe + Lito Perez, Saturday, 4:00pm (2 invites)
  • Premiere B, Saturday, 5:30pm (2 invites)
  • Grand Allure collection, Sunday, 1:00pm (2 invites)
  • Chris Diaz + Jerome Salaya Ang, Sunday, 2:30pm (2 invites)
  • Premiere C collection, Sunday, 5:30pm (2 invites)

6 said something:

  1. Are the ready to wear tickets still up for grabs? are you good to give out 2 invites (wishing i could tag my sister along)

  2. @herroyalbleakness: yup still up for grabs! you can get the 2 invites! email me at fashionistafortunecookie at gmail dot com. so i can give you my office address.

  3. aww so nice of you. some would even raffle those. hehe you are amazing. too bad i couldnt go because i have ojt :(

  4. @lloyda can i have grand allure?? I wanna see Veejay floresca!!:) can i have 2 invites?

  5. that's so nice.. i would have loved to get into one of them but of course, i cant.. :)

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