bleach catastrophe x heather miss grey 2nd collection

I attended the 2nd collection launch of Heather Miss Grey for Bleach Catastrophe last Friday. I super love the collection. I got myself a pink tank & a grey oversized dress. Took photos of fashionable people too!

I wanna say hello to Joni of Rootote & Mo! It was so nice meeting you girls! :)

Cecile van Straten aka Chuvaness

posing with two of my fave designer/fashionista 

The fab duo of Paradigm Shift: Mike of Toxic Disco Boy & Karl of Inkarlcerating

FFT! Love how fashionable these guys are!!! 

Mr. King of Shoes... Dennis Robles. His shoe collection is to die for!

the fab trio! Ryan, Garovs & Mich

Garovs & Mich hiding behind me. Hahaha.
They say they don't want to stand beside me 'coz they'd look fat beside me.
Nye! As if! >_<"

Rik Rasos and Pat Mosby of Proud Race

My fave duo! Ryan & Garovs of Every Where We Shoot

The ever so fasyon Jujiin Samonte! I love love this guy's fashion sense! Idol!!!

Designer/Milliner Mich Dulce, Super Model Jo-an Bitagcol & Stylist Melvin Mojica

Posing with Hayden Kho!

Posing with Hayden Kho (part 2)!

Here's a video of the event from Keeping It Fab by Gelo of Fabgelous. If you wanna see me make a complete fool out of myself watch the video. (4:15)

Now time for my outfit post! I decided to wear something comfy coz I was already running late. Paired my draped black skirt with a bright yellow tank & platform shoes.

yellow tank: H&M
black drape skirt: Giordano Ladies
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
platform shoes: Sam Edelman

platfom shoes = love love love

12 said something:

  1. i really love your top, Lloyda!:) you look cute!

  2. I missed the event coz i was at the R2R Aranaz event. Looking great dear! xoxo!

  3. I am in love with the shoes ^_^

  4. you need a better camera darling and your framing is off.

  5. Looks like a very cute shop that I could spend lots of time (and money) in!

  6. you guys are so cute!!! love the tulip skirt!

  7. yey!!! i love u lloyda! at last, nagkita tayo ulit

  8. i just love love love that line!! i saw it in her blog too!! i want the tunics!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  9. Awww! Thanks for blogging the video!

    You looked so cute that night, Lloyda! It was great meeting you! :D

  10. @tea for two: i know! i super love every single thing!!!

    @cole: yeah. karl mentioned nga. sayang!!!

    @Anonymouse: does that mean you'll buy me a new camera? lol! i want a gf2 or a ricoh gr3? hahaha

    @karl: yes! it was nice seeing you again and a part of FFT! i love you guys! hope i'll get invited to more events so i can hang out with you guys again!



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