failed skyline

Movie night out with the husband and friends. We went to watch Skyline. And all I can say is I should have stayed home and took care of the baby. Meh! I still haven't watched Harry Potter. Heard a lot of great reviews about it. Hmmmm... I shall ask the dear husband out for a movie date then before they change all the movies and start showing just local movies for the Manila Film Festival.

On the other hand I heard that there's already a winner for the Grand Lotto of Php 741,176,323.20. Imagine that! How will you spend your winnings if you're the winner?

black tee: Giordano Ladies
grey trousers
metallic tote: Longchamp
black platform pumps: Carmelletes

10 said something:

  1. beautiful. loving those stud details of your trousers.

  2. I super love the pants! I have a similar one but yours are more tapered...which i love!!!

  3. something i'd really love to wear! where to get those trousers??? i love the way it tailors down to hug the ankles :D

  4. wow... that million dollar winner news is just bonkers! hahaha!

    loving your trousers, dear! :D

  5. WOW!! it makes me really really happy whenever i see you wearing our shoes! :) thanks again, lloyda :D

  6. a lot of people's dreams were crushed last night when the lotto winner was announced, including mine!! boo!!! if i won, i'd probably save half, spend 1/4 on clothes, shoes, & travel, & distribute the other 1/4 to my friends & family! :D

    boat ride through the sky

  7. Lloyda! I love that trousers you're wearing :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  8. oh yeah, the Lotto winner sure is one Lucky human.
    and oh, i Love every piece from your outfit!

  9. yes almost a billion...what a lucky person!!!

    in other hand...I love your pumps and your and sexy momma!!!




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