sunnies side up

Too lazy to dress up so I'm wearing something comfy. Rompers + oxfords are one of my no brainer go to lazy outfits. Anyways, I am super obsessed with shoes right now. :/ Online window shopping is killing me! Hahahaha.

printed silk romper: Marc Jacobs
pewter metallic lace-ups: Schu

14 said something:

  1. they still look great! :) i like wearing comfy clothes over fashionable clothes :P although there are still occasions that i'd dress up.

  2. you look so comfy, indeed! i love the outfit! <3

  3. love the romper... i want it! hahahahaha!

  4. You look absolutely adorable!!! I LOOOVE that romper and those shoes!!! :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  5. looks like a bright day outside! oxfords are big these days ^^ i wish i look good in a romper ehhe!

    oh btw, im running my first blog giveaway hope you can join! thanks!

    The ViXeN's LaiR is Celebrating 100!

  6. what an adorable little romper!! i love the oxfords with it too!!! :D aaahhhh im so addicted to online window shopping too!! hahahaa! :D

    Animated Confessions

  7. the romper! i want! but i doubt if it will look good in me. im chubby --. nice one here lloyda! :) we always go for no brainers outfit during lazy days!

  8. How'd you get sooooo skinny!?! Tell me your seeecreeeets!!! :) :)

    I love rompers, although it's really hassle when you need to go to the restroom! :D THE SHOES ARE LOVEEEEEEEEE!

  9. i'm also eyeing on those metallic oxfords :)

  10. You look adorable (and I think you lost weight?). :) Any which way, you're always cute, Lloyda! And your romper is beautiful!

  11. rompers are completely cute!



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