and that's the golden couch

Wearing red for my mum's birthday. Of course the little boy must be in red too! Just look how cute he is!

I am currently obsessed with wooden heeled shoes! Going gaga over them at the moment. Currently searching for more shoes. My dream is to own a pair or two of Jeffrey Campbell's Lita & Foxy. :D

Sitting on what my siblings & I call "the throne".  

black felt bowler hat
Giordano red tee
H&M waisted belt
floral skirt
Summersault platform clogs sandals

16 said something:

  1. like the clogs and the colorful skirt. beautiful look.

  2. WOW!! Back to normal ka naaaaaa!!!
    Cutie baby!! :)

    merry christmas dearie!!!

  3. your son in so adorbs!
    and i still cant get over the fact on how fast you lost weight!
    cute skirt btw!!

  4. I need a pair of JCs!! I'm in love with wooden-heeled shoes too. <3

  5. Ack! Baby Eli looks so cute!!!!!!!!!! And so do you! I love the wedges!!!

  6. Such a pretty pretty outfit!
    Your baby is so adorable

  7. ooooh.. i love your shoes! and your baby is sooo cute! =)

    I Am DollParts

  8. aahh love your hat.. adorable photos with the baby! :D

    Animated Confessions

  9. love those clogs! you look great!

  10. Arghhhh kaka-gigil your little prince! :D He's super adorable!

    Great outfit, too! Love your skirt. ♥

  11. im loving the print of your floral skirt and your little boy is just adorable :) happy holidays :)

  12. Baby Eli is so charming! sooo cute:) love your outfit too Lloyds! cute shoes:) and oh, you house looks amazing! Totally random but it was the set we were looking for for our nutcracker shoot. Heee. Lovely.

  13. Happy birthday to you're mom, and that's an adorable baby! Love the pictures and the outfit you picked out!

  14. He is such a cutie patootie! I wish Santa grants all of his wishes this Christmas! And my, those clogs! I wish they'd be in my stockings this year. I'm not supposed to like clogs but those are just so cute! XD

    sPam of frou-frou

  15. love your outfit, Lloyda!:) especially your clogs!:) eli looks adorbs!!



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