brandy's on the prowl

Who said cycling shorts are only for the gym?  I wanted to pair my oversized leopard print to with a pair of cycling shorts with lace but I don't own any. So I just wore my sister's regular cycling shorts. Since I really wanted to add something lace to my outfit I wore a pair of lace trimmed socks instead.

leopard print oversized silk top
black cycling shorts
black patent bag
lace trim socks
Brandy boots in black: Gold Dot

Looking at the photos I just noticed how disheveled my hair is. Hahaha. Maybe someone needs to give me a comb?!? :P 

10 said something:

  1. i sooo love the top Lloyda! great boots too :)

  2. i love the top!!! =))

    donna of missdonata

  3. love the top! and those shoes are killer! you have an amazing shoe collection, im jealous. haha.. and oh, you actually look cute with the messy hair. =)

    I Am DollParts

  4. Yay for Brandy! I knew you'd get them! Haha. Aw, but the disheveled look is awesome dear! (;

  5. ooohhh am waiting for mine to be delivered today. can't wait. i love the black version too. so cute.

  6. gorgeous and chic!!! love this wild outfit from you! :D

    Animated Confessions

  7. i loove disheveled hair.. ganda ng brandy boots sayoo , love!

  8. You really have a unique fashion scent.. I like your style ^_^

    -Hot fashion wear shop



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