fashion challenge: salmon colour

Since I haven't got the foggiest idea what to wear this morning I decided to do a fashion challenge! I haven't forgotten about the fashion challenges & fashion questions you posted from my give away post last August. And if you have more fashion challenges you want me to do just email them to me. :D I'd gladly include them into my post line-up.

This challenge is from Jessica of bittersweet symphony. Since she loves the colour salmon and wants me to dress up in a salmon colour themed outfit. The main point of this outfit are my floral printed trousers. They are from my mummy dearest. Since she gained weight and her clothes won't fit her anymore she gave away a bunch of her old clothes. Of course I got the first dibs and these pants are one of those I saved from her give away pile.

salmon oversized top
Giordano grey tank (under)
hand me down from mum floral trousers
Japan a rhythm tan mini satchel
SM Parisian Jr. camel clogs  
and Jaffa our naughty toy poodle    

12 said something:

  1. Parisian has clogs?! Oh my! Anyways, you look gorgeous as always. I love your trousers. Very vintage! :D And your poodle is just adorable!♥

  2. my heart just skipped a beat! i thought that bag was the cambridge batchel! i looove the outfit! :)

  3. the pants are wonderful!!! and i can't believe those clogs are from SM lang.

  4. Cute lloyda!! Love the pants too! :)

  5. aaahhh beautiful and really adorable in this bubbly outfit!!! i love love love your bag, dear!!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. Sooo lovely! And so summery! Love the brown accents. (: and I've been thinking about getting the Parisian clogs in one of those black studded/chained ones.. but I can't decide if they're too trendy. Hrm.

  7. thanks for this post,
    i loooove your look! :D

    ps: your dog looks ultimately cute!

  8. I like! You remind me of Susie Bubble here! Love the pants and the top!

  9. how about the bag? where did you you get it? :)thanksss

  10. Hi ria! the bag is from

  11. this is a cool way to put together everything! way to go lloyda! ^,^



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