hey soule sister!

I love shoes as you might have notice. And I am a huge supporter of local upcoming & indie brands. One of my fave shoe brand is Soule Phenomenon. Nicole named this amazing pair of wedges after me called SWEETCANDYLOVE. It was named after my username. How sweet is that?!? I simply cannot wait for its release next week! :D

Soule Phenomenon's Sweetcandylove wedge

 Black romper: SM department store
b&W platform wedges: Soule Phenomenon

Look who we saw this morning at the Mercato Centrale at The Fort. Hehehe. Gerald Anderson! I'm not really a fan but I know someone who is. *cough* Angel *cough* So of course I've got to have my picture taken with him. :P
Hehehe. Eli looks so uninterested in having his picture taken with an actor.

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  1. aw... guess what? i loove all your shoes so muchoos. :D
    i wish i could have tons of shoes like yours :D

    shinta (rubic style)

  2. hi, just started reading your blog and fell in love already..

    that wedges is sooo gorgeous... hope to read more from you....

  3. Oh, joy! Having a shoe named after you... mustve felt like a real princess :)

    And the romper is LOVE. im just a little sad coz ever since they joined PFW, their usually cheap stuff upped their antes. although it's still relatively cheaper, i really wish i was paying for the "old" price =) LOLxxx

    Eli's so big already!

  4. those shoes are fierce!! hehe love them!:) cute romper too! and eli looks cute with his "uninterested" look hehe

  5. Gosh, thank you so much Lloyda! =)I am touched super! Loves yah Babe! xoxo!

    @herroyalbleakness: Sorry about the price increase babe, we're just adjusting to the price increase of our suppliers, thats why our retail prices too have gone up. We are doing evertyhing we could to giuve you guys a reasonable one, the designs too are complicated which is an added factor, plus we are not producing them in much number coz we want to keep them in limited pairs =) These are the reasons why prices keep going up...=(

  6. omg i love the white one!!!!! you look so fab!!!!

  7. WOW they look sooo cool Lloyda! Congrats :D

  8. oh wow, so sweet of them to name their shoes after you. congrats!

    and oh, i cant help but notice but youre shedding off the post-pregnancy weight fast!
    Lookin good as aLways!

  9. both shoes are just awesome!! i've heard of a lot of things about soule phenomenon!! and i must say, their pieces are amazing!!

    Animated Confessions

  10. the wedges you're wearing are awesome :) And those legs are gorgeous :)

  11. props to you and to soule phenomenon.
    love the shoes.


  12. I really love the shoes...they are so amazing...and I started dying looking at them...I have tried some wedges at Jeffrey Campbell and I do not really know how to walk in those 5 inches heels hahahah I need more practice...


  13. Glad to have seen you at Mercato Centrale! I LOVE YOUR ROMPER! HEART!




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