the loafers and me

I've been searching for the perfect loafers for awhile now and was super happy to find the perfect pair from Renegade Folk. Made of real soft leather these babies are made for walking! They are ├╝ber comfy. So now another obsession is born! Looks like I'll be building up my loafer collection. Right now, I'm on the look out for a pair of tassled loafers. Hahaha. Will this obsession turn out to be like my oxfords/lace-ups obsession?!? We shall see...

Zara oversize stripes tee
Giordano garrison belt
Uniqlo boyfriend shorts
Tata Baby photo print bag
Renegade Folk "The Lucky Ones" leather loafers

19 said something:

  1. I love this look on you! :) Check out the leopard printed loafers at Aerosoles. Super ganda! :)

  2. oooohhhh i love your bag :3 i love your casual look!

  3. loaf this casual, comfy, chic outfit! you're too cute :D

  4. I love your outfit, laid back & chic!! <3

  5. they are indeed the perfect pair! it's lovely!♥ looks like it can match a lot of outfits! :D

  6. i love the casual look lloyda! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  7. I was about the get the black&beige ones. I love Renegade Folk!

  8. whoa...i still can't believe how slim and chic you've become even after pregnancy..i should get tips from you one day. :D love the loafers...i can always trust you to turn a basic pair of shoes and turn it super chic...

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  9. Hee, I got those same loafers! They arrived in the mail but the sizes run small. Luckily I can get them exchanged for free. I can't wait to start wearing them!

  10. love love the casual laidback vibe to this look!!! i want the shoe and the big bag!!

    Animated Confessions

  11. Simple, understated chic. <3 I, too, want some comfy loafers!

  12. Great outfit Lloyda! :) I see that you really love shoes, was wondering if you can blog about your shoe cabinet someday... I'd love to see your collection. ;)

  13. lloyda youre so skinny na!!!!! loveee the shoessss.



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