up on the leopard

Wearing a really simple shift dress to make my awesome shoes take the main attraction. Don't you just love platform booties? I got these from Virtual Mae. This pair are really comfy and I super love how rockin' they are! I swear I'm so addicted to shoes!

Giordano Ladies black dress
Virtual Mae '810' platform booties

Spent the whole day with my baby today. We went to check out the lighted houses on Policarpio Street in Mandaluyong as well as the Christmas Village inside Meralco. The little boy enjoyed looking at all the bright Christmas lights. :D

Would you believe that I'm actually running out of clothes to wear? My walk-in closet is in shambles and I'm still too lazy to clean it up. It's so hard to dress up every morning when all your clothes are on the floor instead of inside their respective cabinets. Sigh. I really need to set a day for closet clean up.

21 said something:

  1. Your shoes are fab! And I love your picture with your baby boy, he's soooooo cute! :D

  2. I LOVE your platform booties!!^_^ so furry too! hehe. And Eli looks SO adorable!!

  3. You dress really well. You look great in the dress and the shoes are just... breathtaking. Haha.

  4. definitely rocking boots!!!! love lvoe love it! :D

    Animated Confessions

  5. i will add this to my list of shoes to buy or drool at. So nice!!!:) You rocked it Lloyda! and your baby is tooo cute:)

  6. OMG YOUR SHOES ARE TO DIE FOR!! And your baby's soooooo cute!!! <3

  7. your shoes are gorgeous!!!! definitely gonna ask santa to get me one, haha


  8. I love the shoes it's perfect with the dress. And your baby is sooooo CUTE. :)


  9. Waaaahhh! I wanted those boots too but my size got sold out! You're rocking them, lloyda! And can I take Baby Eli and play with him all day? Haha. :)

  10. love the shoes Lloyda!!! you are totally rocking them! Baby Eli is so cute and so is his outfit:)

  11. your shoes reminds me lady gaga, idk why :)) and that little boy is so cute! hope you can fix your walk-in closet soon :)

  12. bongga shoooooeeeees!!!! ganda lloyda, though black lang suot mo, wala, kering keri mo girl :) nice!!! so nice!!1

    cutie baby tooooo!!!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  13. love this look. simple lang ang moda. you look great as always.

  14. your platform booties rocked my socks!!!
    i'm new to your blog and i'm loving it.

  15. I've been absent from the blogging world. And gosh, those shoes are so fine! Thanks for posting, i think I need to get one of those leopard booties too! Love the simple dress, and your baby is so big now, adorable! :)

  16. i love the shoes. i wonder though...mabigat ba? mukhang mabigat e :P

  17. everything is perfect and your shoes are just so awesome...I love it....loving everything in this outfit...the shoes took the center stage...

    if only I am in Cebu I can replenish my old shoes damn being in another place..I think I should get a bigger place for my shoes hahahaha...

    Cute baby!!!


  18. @KD nope not too heavy na not comfy na. :)

  19. Super cute boy!

    Those shoes are ahmazing!

    And I can't believe you're running out of clothes to wear! Hehe!

  20. love the shoes! :) rock and roll mommy! :)



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