face to face with facehunter

I attended the Facehunter book signing event last 29 Dec 2010. As always I was late and wasn't able to hear his talk. But I did get to have my book signed. It was fun seeing & meeting fellow bloggers at the event. Being the bad blogger that I am I wasn't able to get much photos with them though. Hahaha. So much for having a camera eh?

Posing with my book whilst waiting for my turn.

With chic blogger friends. :)

The fab couple: Ryan & Garovs of Everywhere We Shoot

I'm a midget compared to these two towering beauties. Kookie & Cole.

Telling Yvan Rodic about my job & the company I work for.

My outfit for the event. I was running late so I just decided to go & wear something comfy.

oversized cropped heather grey sweater
Giordano Ladies black riding pants
Summersault black satchel
H&M peep toe wedge booties

19 said something:

  1. I lilly lilly love your top Lloyda! :) So cute!!! :)

  2. Oh girl! I love your outfit! (lalo na the shoes!) You look so comfortable in what you're wearing and so fab! ^^ I like!

  3. love your outfit lloyda! you should pose like the third outfit photo-pose as often! you look totally cute :) cute moo! :)


    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. waaah all the fashionable people in the blogosphere were there..

  5. lucky you!

    love the cropped top and the wedges. Comfy look.

  6. I love your outfit in here! Simple but really chic. Love the sleeves detail. :D

  7. weee that was awesome even if you missed the talk~

  8. Hey Lloyda! I love what you wore to the FH event! I wanted to ask you where you got your top...saan nga ba? Haha!

    It was fun chit-chatting with you and Cole over dinner. :)

  9. awww, so jealous you got to meet him and have your book signed!
    youre so cute!

  10. your the nth blogger i knew who went to the event! lucky! :D

  11. wow,I love your shoes and the top!:) looks like you all had fun!

  12. I love the whole outfit! where did you get the necklace? it's really nice!

  13. Boo. I left early na and didn't get a photo with you! But I looove your pics with Yvan, kainggit! (:

  14. i wish i was in the PI to meet him! anyway, cute comfy outfit :)

  15. love your wedges! :)


  16. @ kookie: got my top in greenhills! :)

    @ althea: the necklace was given to me as gift. :)

    @ bestie: yeah! no picture with you! boo! next time nalang. ;)



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