it's old white lace

Happy 5th month to my little angel!!!

I decided to not wear black today since it's Eli's 5th month birthday. Gosh! Imagine that! My little boy is 5 months old already! Just one more month to go and he'll start eating solids. Just how fast time goes by huh? It's just like yesterday when I found out I'm pregnant and now my baby is getting so big each passing day.

We went to try out the new Taiwanese restaurant in Podium for lunch. Can I just say I love their Noodles with Sesame and Peanut Sauce! Would you believe that I ate 3 bowls of that? Yes! 3 big bowls!  Hahahaha! I know... I'm such a pig. Oh and I love their dumplings & Xiao Long Bao too!

striped blazer: Zara
off white lace dress: bought in Hong Kong
brown satchel: Mulberry
black loafers: Seibu Fashion

15 said something:

  1. You're baby is so cute and happy 5th month to him! Yep, I said it in chictopia. I love your blazer and shoes. :)

  2. Eli is such a cutie <3

    Oh I love Xiao Long Bao! You should also try Crystal Jade for that :)

  3. Happy 5 months to your baby! he's adorable! :)

    I love your blazer!

  4. aaa.. eli is so cute! >,<
    as well as your outfit. and the blazer is also lovely :D


  5. Oooh. White lace dresses never fail!
    Happy 5th month, Eli! :)

  6. Cuuuute outfit! Very apt for your child's 5th month, I think. It's so cheerful! :D

  7. happy 5th month to Eli... he looks huge in that shot... or is he?

    i love the blazer!

  8. Happy 5th month to your baby ^^. My baby just turned 5 months old too (last Jan.11th)... I just thought I'd tell you 'coz here's another cute fact - I don't know if it's just me but I think they have this slight resemblance...
    Lookie here (3 photos):

  9. wow, he's already five months old?? ang bilis! parang you just gave birth last month or something, haha. happy birthday to baby Eli!

    also, daayyym those loafers!! <3

    boat ride through the sky

  10. awww, eli is sooo cute!
    happy 5th month old to eli!!

  11. he's too kyoot! :) i look forward to your blog posts not because of your outfits anymore... but because of ur baby na. haha

  12. Little Eli is SOOO cute!!:) Happy 5th month to him!!:) And I'm loving the lace dress!!

  13. Aw you look so darling, like an androgynous Lolita! And Eli is getting cuter by the minute! (:



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