playground love

We got invited for a play date at the playground. Baby Eli is still too small to play in the playground but we still went to enjoy the fresh air. Anybody wanna take a guess where this is? ;)

Giordano grey tee
Thrifted floral maxi skirt
Ichigo pink "Izumi" pointed lace-ups

Can I ask a question? Do you guys find me snobby? I just realize that at events I find it so hard to go up to people/bloggers I follow because I am just too shy. So if you are my blogger friend but I haven't met you in real life yet... when we get the chance please do say hi to me first. I promise I won't snub you. I'm a nice person you'll see.

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  1. love your floral maxi skirt babe! and i love play dates!

    xoxo Mode Junkie ♥

  2. Ms. Lloyda, you really look so cute! and if ever I meet you in person, I'll definitely say hi to you! hope that'll happen soon! :)

  3. At first, parang snob pero when I heard finally talk, your eyes lit up (totoo talaga!!) and you smiled, that's when I knew for sure na you were approachable.. Hehe.. But sad lang kase wala ako picture with you :(

  4. I saw during the Facehunter event but I was shy to say hi 'cause you're known by a lot of bloggers hihi :-)

  5. I super love your maxi skirt! I WANT!! :) I love to meet you one day..:D


  6. i'm inlove with the skirt!

    i don't think you are snobby. but siguro kung mag meet tayo, mahihiya ako sa iyo. haha! idol kita eh. hehe.


  7. love the maxi Lloyda :)


  8. My first guess was Belair, but when I saw the photo with the slide I figured it wasn't. Is it in Valle Verde or somewhere down south? :P To answer your last question, I don't find you snobby at all. I wish I'd bump into you so I can say hi, maybe even get to meet shoti :D

  9. You're not a snob, Lloyda! Who said that?? I find you nice actually when i first met you :) Love the outfit, btw!

  10. I've always met reasons to block me from attending bloggers event but I'm sure you aren't masungit! I still remember that time you emailed me. You are a sweet person, Lloyda. Appearances are only deceiving :)

    sPam of frou-frou

  11. I haven't met you IRL yet, but I don't think you're a snob at all! I totally know what you mean though - several bloggers have had that first impression of me because I'm not one to smile and say hi to people I don't know. But really, it's because I'm shy and probably more terrified of them than they are of me!

    I have no clue where this is but it reminds me a little of the parks I used to play in at Ayala Alabang. :)

  12. i forgot to post my answer

    ghills? the one near ashcreek?

  13. I love that park!!! :D Is that in Cuenca??:D Hihihi! :D I actually think you're super nice Lloyda! :) To think you're Ms Best Dressed (hehe) you're super accommodating when Pax and I first met you in port88 and we asked a photo with you! :) Ako rin mahiyain thank God I have blogger buddies na (hi ava! :D) so i wont shy away pag events hihi... And can I just say I LOVE that floral maxi skirt!!! <3

  14. i looove the maxi skirt!! I think you're a nice person Lloyda and if ever I see you, I'd definitely say Hi :D

  15. i love3 the drapery in your maxi skirt! very gorgeous! ;] i miss visiting here! ohh hey! how i wish i could say hi to you in person <3

  16. You're so cute! I love the skirt!!! :)

    <3 Camille

  17. Best. Skirt. Ever. Did you do the draping yourself? (:

    Aw Lloyda, you're not snobby at all! Maybe just intimidating at first but zomg you are the sweetest (:



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