stripes here we go

Nothing much to say. Just something I threw on coz I'm in a rush. Gah! Look how skinny my legs & arms look... tsk tsk tsk. I need to gain weight coz my hands look skeletal nowadays.

black topper with uneven hem length
Giordano white tee
fab black & white stripes scalloped hem shorts
Asian Vogue black wedges

Acne Admire rip-off boots I scored from Asian Vogue

10 said something:

  1. Waaaah! The shoes look super cool! I want one too!!!

  2. oh my, i love your shorts and shoes!
    its so amaxing how you lost weight!
    lookin good, as always!!

  3. You look perfectly fine! I can only have skinny legs in my dreams! I will envy you forever for those... Super nice ng shorts and boots!

  4. your shoes are awesome! great look! :)


  5. Scalloped hem shorts are a must have for me. Lovely pair!

    sPam of frou-frou

  6. u can be a model na again lloydie!! i love thy legs! plus the shoes! i cant wait to see them bailey on u na din!

  7. Those shoes are incredible!

  8. Hi Lloyda, happy New year, ^^ bigay ko n lng sau ung extra weight ko hihi, ^^ Coz I need to lose some! (3 weddings to attend as abay,dapat sexy hehe)

  9. Oo nga you look super skinny now, but I don't think it's a bad thing? Keri mo naman Lloyda! Inggit nga ko sa legs mo eh, hehe. :D



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