leopard spots

Baby stuff shopping for the little boy. He is turning 6 months soon and will start eating solids. Sniff sniff sniff. My baby is growing so fast. It's just like yesterday that he was so tiny & fragile. We went looking for a highchair for him but didn't see any that we think is sturdy enough for a little boy. So the search is still on.

black vest: Oxygen
leopard print pants: Cotton On
black satchel: Summersault
black bootie: Seibu Fashion

9 said something:

  1. love your leopard pants, Lloyda!:) Btw, Chicco I think has great high chairs. :) That's where we got Athan's when he was a baby :)

  2. Love these pants!
    Aww that's so adorable, baby shopping must be so much fun

  3. love, love the pants and shoes. :)

  4. I stumbled upon your blog and I find it so interesting!

    love the leopard prints :)a new follower here!

    Stay awesome!

    Rizza <3

  5. Love the satchel and leopard prints!

  6. i have a pants like this!!! waaa i dont know how to wear it yet.
    ;[ booo!
    you always look good lloyda!

    kisses to your baby! <3

  7. your pants look incredibly comfortable to wear! :) goodluck with the search, lloyda :)



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