of course i'm ladylike

Trying out the 60's housewife ladylike trend. Very Stepford Wives! I think this look is growing on me as I am indeed a wife (but not really a housewife. Well, I don't know how to cook nor bake. I don't clean and I don't have a greenthumb.) Hahaha. Kinda liking the hourglass silhouette. Hmmm... though I don't think I'll go pair these type of dresses with kitten heels coz I am sure they would look awkward on me. I'm no Tall Ting, in fact I'm quite vertically challenged. So yeah sky high platforms are the way to go!

Had a video shoot for some thing really cool! Can't say for what yet coz they haven't launched it to the market. ;) So keep a look out for what it is.

black eyelet wrap dress: Zara
tan platforms: Jessica Simpson "Dany"

17 said something:

  1. Love the shoes!! They look really similar to Jeffrey Campbell's Foxys, but I can't afford those. I think I'm going to get me a pair of these!

  2. Oh my god, never mind that previous comment I made. They're nearly the same price. I need to get my facts straight. ;) Anyway, still loving the shoes. :)

  3. We <3 you Lloyda! Thank you! :)

    -Rachel & Jenna

  4. Oh my! Love the dress!!! I want one also!! Haha.. Inggitera? Lol. Hope to see you tomorrow! :)

  5. you look gorgeous and those shoes really made your legs longer !

  6. Looking quite lovely there! :)

    Be honest, though. How easy/comfortable is it to walk in those shoes? I've been eyeing them but can't muster up the courage to buy them for fear of falling flat on my face, lol

  7. Yay! You got the tan Danys too! And that dress is so pretty! like a '50s vintage one. :)

  8. I'm inspired! Will definitely consider wearing my dress with a full skirt again and pair it with sky-high heels!

  9. love the dress :) made me want to visit zara again after a really long time :)

  10. hi you look amazing! can i know what size your danys are? :) thanks!

  11. Oh my! Love the dress!!! I want one also!! Haha.. Inggitera? Lol. Hope to see you tomorrow! :)



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