the pants of awesomeness

Wearing orange & gold for good luck this year of the metal rabbit. Hahahaha. I was suppose to be wearing brown today but when my aunt saw me she told me to go change into something orange. So here I am the orange girl Lloyda in my awesome awesome printed harem pants!!! I got these as a gift from my sister when my family went to Europe last year leaving me & the hubby behind because I was pregnant at that time. So yeah! Poor me. Hoping next time they go back I'll be able to come with.

orange tee: Giordano
printed harem pants: Desigual
tan clogs: Parisian Jr.

9 said something:

  1. I love the print! you definitely pulled it off!!!

    bty, i posted the shoes in my site, under spree updates. they're lovely :)

  2. such an awesome pants! i love the print!!!!

  3. awesome pants!
    happy chinese new year!!

  4. bongga pants lloyda!!!! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  5. I LOVE DESIGUAL! When I visited their stores in Singapore I wanted to cry because I was so in love with all the dresses and jackets, but not with the expensive price tags. :( I bet it's so much cheaper to buy them in Europe!

  6. true! the pants are awesome.
    happy chinese new year!

  7. those pants are so unique and funky rad!



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