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How did you spend your Valentine's Day? The husband and I don't really celebrate Valentine's. The truth is we are just not the type of people who celebrate anything. But we did eat out last night 'coz we got invited by my parents. The reason? We do not have a cook at home at the moment. And no one in my family knows how to cook. Sad but true.

I'm wearing something comfy & casual. Nothing to be dressed up for coz we are just going to be eating at a small restaurant. Not really the fine dining kind. I'm starting to embrace the pale pastel palette for spring/summer but then again... I am sure I will be wearing my usual black outfit when I run out of pastel/neutral coloured clothes.

grey tee: Giordano
silk shawl & chain belt: from my mum's closet
pale pink denim shorts: Giordano Ladies
grey platforms: CMG

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